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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Ad for Kotex Soft-Impressions deodorant menstrual pads
Unknown magazine, 1972, U.S.A.
"Be a giggle. Be a gag. Be a great day. But be sure."

Oh, that Kotex, always looking for a good time! (So was cartwheeling Stayfree.)

Freedom of movement was important for women; tampons, menstrual cups and sponges helped assure
that but required - and require - boldness to use. The Stayfree brand incorporated freedom
in its name and action photos and even showed Olympic gymnast and current "Peter Pan" Cathy Rigby
in a dangerous position.

And who wanted anyone to know she was wearing a pad? Ads again and again showed women that they could
wear the company's napkins and never reveal their "secret." Even when they dare you!

Of course at this time the belts that held these pads saw the challenge from sticky pads, pads that
adhered to the crotch of panties. (See a comparison of belts and beltless pads in a Swedish ad.) No belts and
no special underpants were necessary. Kotex itself had been selling a beltless pad since at least the early 1970s.

This was a revolution.

I thank the anonymous donor!

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