Feminine Hygiene is Fun! Find Out in New York!

Even as I write, actors get their sets up and their lines down in order to reFRESH you about the delights and silliness of staying fresh "down there."

"The all-chick sketch comedy group, Fried Eggs, takes on feminine hygiene, girls' health class and college women studies at the Solo Arts Group, 36 W. 17th Street, 5th Floor, in New York City, on Thursdays from September 11 to October 30 at 8 pm; admission is $10," writes stand-up comic/actress (and restaurant reviewer!) O. Susannah from Greenwich Village.

Besides Susannah, you'll also see

Zabryna Guevara, who recently toured the Ukraine and Mongolia with Virtual Souls, which also played last year at La Mama. Originally from the Venezuela/Trinidad area, Zabryna is a graduate of Fordham University. Some of her credits include "America's Most Wanted" and "As the World Turns."

Lana Quintal, the "nice touch" gal in the Staples Office Supply commercial. She's a Syracuse University graduate born in Massachusetts, and toured with Peter Rabbit of Theatreworks, USA. This past summer she appeared in The Taffetas at Cortlandt Theatre Rep.

Susannah herself is from Pittsburgh and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. She recently appeared in the film Flush, worked as a correspondent for the "Ricki Lake Show" and toured with Theatreworks, USA.

And your MUM will be there too, or at least her youngest daughter, in the form of an exhibit of menstrual advertising and commentary, which forms a part of an exhibit about school health films, Lysol douche advertisements and similar torture devices.

Call the Fried Eggs Hotline at 212-475-1284*1 for more information!

No Menses, No MUM? NO, NO!

Last week I received this ominous e-mail, although it was not composed of words cut out from an electronic newspaper :

Harry [Finley, MUM director],

This is your worst nightmare: Menopause. No more menses. It has to happen; it is inevitable. You have to face it. But menopause is where we start. We would like a reciprocal link. Check us out at www.menopause-online.com


OK, OK! The future Museum of Women's Health will include permanent and temporary exhibits about menopause. MUM right now lacks space and people to do more than it's now doing, although menopause is a natural phase of menstruation. Just wait!

And For Beginners . . .

Here's a site for folks at the front of the cycle:


A Reader to the Rescue!

Dear Mr. Finley,

I read [a recent] article about your museum this morning. I really don't see why people react strangely to your museum. For so long people wouldn't talk about sex. Now, it's everywhere. It's a natural human function. Your museum deals with a natural human function too. I suppose those who are "horrified" at the subject material must not be too comfortable with that fact.

It's just one of those things . . . if the subject were so bad and so taboo, why do they advertise incessantly for it on TV? How to be more comfortable, the newest designs in protection, or even how to deal with the times it can get uncomfortable? I think those who have reacted negatively need to realize it's not a bad thing, it's natural, and realize there are far more traumatic subjects that could be discussed in museum detail.

Many thanks!


Today a museum visitor told me that a male friend read the following on the wall of a stall in a men's public toilet: Don't trust anything that can bleed for a week and not die!

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