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art, menstrual: wanted by Austrian agency (and first mention)

Art of Menstruation exhibit: Jean Tracy (her Art of Menstruation picture) (Jean Tracy's Web site Web site)

astronauts, menstruation of

board of directors:

member of MUM: (Dr. Barbara Czerwinski), (Dr. Philip Tierno, Jr.), (Ms. Miki Walsh)


(two books about MUM): America's Strangest Museums, Things on the Net Newt Wouldn't Want You to See

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tampons (book by Nancy Friedman, who e-mails MUM)

Fevered Lives (book about tuberculosis by Dr. Catherine Ott, Smithsonian Institution and American University)

Menopause, Naturally (Volcano Press)

Period (Volcano Press)

Why Cats Paint (calendar, book, spoof of art)

Bust magazine: A

Catamenia (former newsletter of MUM): no time to do it

Comet Hale-Bopp

comic strip about MUM (Sylvia, by Nicole Hollander)

comments about MUM:

praise: A, B

criticism: lesbian publication (and a lesbian's reply), "silly museum" (also "grot", and grot B),

companies making menstrual products (see also cup, menstrual):

Libresse (made by SCA Mølnlyke): A, B, Web site

NANA pads and tampons (and Web site)

Natracare: sues Tampax (also here), Web site

Tampax: sued by Natracare, visits MUM, Web site request, Web sites (Troom) (main Tampax)

Terrafemme, Web site

cup, menstrual: Comparison: The Keeper vs. Instead diagram

Gynaeseal (Australia): A, B

Instead (by Ultrafem), users' and others' comments about: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, Web site

The Keeper, users' comments about: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, Web site

Tassaway: cup, instructions, advertisement

Tassette: MUM seeks one

Czerwinski, Associate Professor Barabara (University of Texas): women's hygiene, menstruation in orbit, MUM director

dangers of menstrual products: (dioxin), miscellaneous (and California initiative), see also this site; see also Tierno, Dr. Philip M., Jr.

dioxin: see dangers of menstrual products

donors and donating: items to MUM, B, C, D, E, F

exhibits, menstruation: (in Norway, B) (Exporatorium in San Francisco), sex and reproduction (Australian Museum, Sydney)

fax tampon: (MUM seeking information about)

folk tales, request for

GirlCon '97 at Wellesley College, B

"Growing Up and Liking It: A Primer of Period Pedagogy, 1868 - 1996" (menarche booklets and sex education for girls; article in MUM Web site by Lynn Peril)

hazards of menstrual products: see dangers of menstrual products

hut, menstrual: studied by Asst. Prof Beverly Strassmann, B; (see Hawaiian hut in Catamenia)


aid from London: Website (University College London)

men suffer more

infibulation: A

Instead menstrual cup: see cups, menstrual

interlabial Padette (a small pad placed between the lips of the vulva)


discussion group: Menstrual Hut

information about menstruation: to the many links at Terrafemme

MUM linked or featured: OBGYN.NET, Lifestyle.co.UK

investigation of MUM director by Washington Post before favorable story

Keeper, The, menstrual cup: see cups, menstrual

Letterman, David: see television and radio

Mack C. Padd, Professor (the Distinguished Wallace C. Meyer Memorial Pouncer at the Museum of Menstruation. He's my cat.)

Margie Profet (MacArthur Fellow): critisized in Science News (also)

menstruate, Why do women

mission of MUM, expanded

Natracare: see companies making menstrual products

New York Times article about menstruation (Natalie Angier)

New Yorker magazine, The: see press interest in MUM

Norwegian menstruation exhibit: see exhibits, menstruation

odor, menstrual: A, B (and vaginal)

pads: see products, menstrual

people and MUM:

researchers; Russian; thanks for help; various contacts (B)

pony (Japanese menstrual device)

Profet, Margie (MacArthur Fellow)

premature birth, vaginal infections causing

press interest in MUM: Amica magazine (Germany), Biba magazine (France), Colors magazine (France), Elle magazine (U.K. edition), Harper's magazine, The New Yorker magazine, Newsday newspaper, Sunday Telegraph newspaper (U.K.), Washington Post newspaper

products, menstrual (see also companies):

Always (pads)

tampons, early commercial in MUM

prudery: Japanese vs. U.S.A.

researchers at MUM: A

scarring: (among blacks)

Science News magazine

sexual abuse and menstruation

Society for Menstrual Cycle Research: biannual meeting (1997): A, (MUM to speak)

sponge, menstrual, users' comments about: A

in MUM (from World War II)

Starry Night Productions (Canada): see television and radio, Under Wraps

Stern, Howard: see televison and radio

Strassmann, Assistant Professor Beverly: (critisizes Margie Profet)

synchrony, menstrual: A

t-girls and p-girls

Tampax: see companies making menstrual products

tampons: see products, menstrual

Tassaway menstrual cup: see menstrual cups

television and radio (see also list):

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) TV

Comedy Central TV (the Daily Show visits MUM, B)

German network Pro 7 TV: A

German network RTL2 TV: A

Letterman, David (The Late Show)

The Today Show

Lifetime TV network

Stern, Howard, B

Swedish National Radio (Sveriges Radio)

Under Wraps (Canadian TV film) (show dates in Canada) (price) (description) (first mention)

Tierno, Philip M., Jr., Ph.D. (premiere menstrual products researcher, MUM board member): A, B, C

toxic shock syndrome: see dangers of menstrual products

toxic substances in menstrual products: see dangers of menstrual products

Under Wraps (Canadian TV film): see television

uterus: picture of menstruating

vaginal infections as basis for premature births

vending machines: donated

visitors to MUM: A, B,

Walsh, Miki (member of the board of directors of MUM): A, B, C

Washington Post investigated MUM director before favorable story

women's health as part of mission of MUM

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