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Interlabial Padette menstrual pad (obsolete)

Recently a graduate student called me and told me about the Padette (below) - now (November 1997) called the Miniform (obsolete in 2006; see its page)- a wedge of rayon with polypropylene covering that the user places between the labia (lips) of her vulva, not into the vagina (picture below).

Women use them on light menstrual days, for light urinary leakage or for other light secretions, and the company - A-Fem Medical Corporation - says it has the absorption capacity of a junior/regular tampon. The manufacturer states that the pads stay put, without adhesives, unlike the shifting usual pads, and they don't bunch up. Padettes are made from the "same materials commonly used in leading tampon products, external pads and panty pads," without being highly or super absorbent. They are expelled with each urination, and either flushed down the toilet or wrapped and thrown into the trash.

If you live in Florida, find them in Walgreens drug stores. Otherwise, order them by phone at 1-800-700-8716 (Pacific Standard Time 9-5). Ask questions at 1-800-764-6864 (EASTERN Standard Time 9-5). They used to cost $7.05 for 48 (the minimum sold, in two boxes), which included shipping and handling; this is probably not the current (November 1997) price.

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