See Society menstrual pad, and a "silent purchase" ad for Modess, 1928.
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Ads for the Kotex stick tampon (U.S.A., 1970s) - a Japanese stick tampon from the 1970s.
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InSync Miniform pad for urine, menstruation & other secretions that fits between the small lips of the vulva (once obsolete but a new form, Unique Miniform, is for sale in 2008)

The original Miniform got the following write-up in the late 1990s:

The Miniform is a small pad designed to absorb small amounts of urine and secretions from the vagina. Rather than pressing against the outside of the large lips of the vulva, it sits between them - actually, between the inner lips. It does not enter the vagina. See the company's drawings, below.

Below are parts of the instructions for the inSync, plus a picture of the pad and covering, at top. If you are not on the West Coast of the U.S.A., call 1-888-8INSYNC for a free sample or to order a box. (As of June, 2002, the company might have gone out of business. But, in 2008, the the Miniform is back on the market.)

The company (AFEM) plans to sell the pad in stores nationally (U.S.A.) by spring, 1999. As of November, 1999, you can buy it at Fred Meyer and Target stores in the U.S.A. It costs about $2.99 for a 24-pad pack.

See Padette.

Read about the company's resurgence in an email (January 2008) to the MUM director:

In 1999 we had the miniforms on the shelves of 3,600 stores, and needed either California or the East Coast to reach profitability for the product. We were ready to complete an offering to give us the marketing capital, when Capital Consulting, a $1.6B pension fund - which held 48% of my stock - was closed by the SEC and the principals sent to jail. Naturally, my financing went sideways.

While the assets of the pension fund were tied up in federal litigation (48% of AFEM), I went back to OHSU to teach, laid everyone off, and used what little cash I had left to keep the intellectual property alive.

(See the new Web site:

In 2004, the federal case was settled, and the assets were purchased by Goldman. I put a group of investors together who bought the stock and re-capitalized the Company.

During this period, our friends at P&G were slowly moving forward in the Miniform arena, but it wasn't a priority for them. Thus I was able to buy all of their technology and add it to mine. Since this gave us a new design that was easier and cheaper to make [see the Web site], I cut a deal with KNH in Taiwan to be our manufacturer.

The Company name was changed to QuantRx and here we are.

Let me know what you think about our website - it's a start - and if you run across anyone who might want to help sell them, let me know.

That's the story in a nutshell.

All the best,

Bill Fleming


Pad at right, pad in package at left



See Padette. See Society menstrual pad, and a "silent purchase" ad for Modess, 1928.

Copyright Harry Finley 1998