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List of Menstruation and Menopause Books, Articles, & Dissertations

Kathleen O'Grady and Paula Wansbrough compiled the vast majority of the English-language books and
articles about menstruation in the following list when doing research for their book Sweet Secrets: Stories of Menstruation (Toronto: Second Story Press, 1997; Sumach Press, 2001),
and generously e-mailed it to me for you, the visitors to this MUM site. Kathleen noted that her list refers almost exclusively to books before 1995, which is when they began their research.
Ben Truwe sent the items at the bottom of the page and following pages
See here for books specifically about menstruation and religion, also complied by Kathleen O'Grady.
See here for publications about menopause, also complied by Kathleen O'Grady.
Petra Habiger kindly sent a German-language list of books about menstruation, up to date through 1998, some with prices for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Please e-mail me other titles for the list, in any language, and with bibliographic data. I'll put your comments with the entries!

The English-language categories are General, Anthropology and Sociology, Environment, and Medicine and Psychology.
Click for books about Menstruation and Religion.
There is also a general German-language list contributed by Petra Habiger.


Amberston, Celu (Cornwoman)

1991. Blessings of the Blood: A Book of Menstrual Lore and Rituals for Women. Victoria, B.C.: Beach Holme Publishers.

Bleier, Ruth

1984. Science and Gender: A Critique of Biology and its Theories on Women. Elmsford, N.Y.: Pergamon.

Blume, Judy

1970. Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. New York: Dell.

Bobel, Chris

2010. New Blood: Third-Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press

Brownmiller, Susan

1984. Femininity. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Coutinho, Elsimar

1999. Is Menstruation Obsolete? New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Dalton, Katharina Dorothea

1969. The Menstrual Cycle. Harmondsworth: Penguin.

1977. The Premenstrual Syndrome and Progesterone Therapy. London: Heinemann Medical.

1979. Once a Month. California: Hunter House.

Deak, Erzsi

2003. Period Pieces: Stories for Girls. HarperCollins

Delaney, Janice, Mary Jane Lupton and Emily Toth

1976. The Curse: A Cultural History of Menstruation. New York: Dutton.

de Beauvoir, Simone

1988. The Second Sex. H.M. Parshley, trans. London: Picador. Originally published as Le Deuxieme Sexe. Jonathan Cape Ltd., 1949.

Diamant, Anita

The Red Tent

Ehrenreich, Barbara and Deirdre English

1978. For Her Own Good: 150 Years of the Experts' Advice to Women. Garden City, N.Y.: Anchor Press.

Fausto-Sterling, Anne

1985. Myths of Gender: Biological Theories about Women and Men. New York: Basic Books.

Fonrobert, Charlotte

2000. Menstrual Purity. Standford University Press

Ford, Lynda Ross

1983. Bleeding -- A Celebration. Albion, CA: Aguila.

Gardner-Loulan Joann, Bonnie Lopez and Marcia Quackenbush

1979. Period. Volcano, CA: Volcano Press.

Grahn, Judy

1993. Blood, Bread & Roses: How Menstruation Created the World. Boston: Beacon Press.

1982. "From Sacred Blood to the Curse and Beyond" in The Politics of Women's Spirituality: Essays by Founding Mothers of the Movement, Charlene Spretnak, ed. New York: Anchor Books.

Gray, Miranda

1994. Red Moon: Understanding & Using the Gifts of the Menstrual Cycle. Great Britain and United States: Element Books; Australia: Jacaranda Wiley.

Greer, Germaine

1991. The Female Eunuch. London: Flamingo. First published by MacGibbon and Kee, 1970.

Hite, Shere

1994. The Hite Report on the Family: Growing Up Under Patriarchy. London: Bloomsbury.

Lander, Louise

1988. Images of Bleeding: Menstruation as Ideology. New York: Orlando Press.

Laws, Sophie

1990. Issues of Blood: The Politics of Menstruation. London: Macmillan. Laws, Sophie, Valerie Hey and Andrea Eagan

1985. Seeing Red. London: Hutchinson & Co.

Lein, Allen

1979. The Cycling Female: Her Menstrual Rhythm. San Francisco: W.H. Freeman.

Martin, Emily

1987. The Woman in the Body: A Cultural Analysis of Reproduction. Boston: Beacon Press.

Matthews, Catlin

1997. In Search of Women's Passionate Soul. Chapter 4. Element Books. ISBN 1852309423

Minh-Ha, T.

1991. When the Moon Waxes Red. London: Routledge.

Moorey, Thresa

1997. The Goddess: A Beginner's Guide, Chapter 5. Hodder & Stoughton. ISBN 0 340683902

Mulvey-Roberts, Marie

1998: "Dracula and the Doctors: Bad Blood, Menstrual Tavboo and the New Woman" in Bram Stoker, History, Psychoanalysis and the Gothic. Ed. William Hughes and Andrew Smith. London: Macmillan

Olesen, Virginia L. and Nancy Fugate-Woods, eds.

1986. Culture, Society and Menstruation. New York: Hemisphere, Harper and Row.

O'Grady, Kathleen and Paula Wansbrough, eds.

1997. Sweet Secrets: Stories of Menstruation. Toronto: Second Story Press (Sumach Press, 2001)

Owen, Lara

1993. Her Blood is Gold: Celebrating the Power of Menstruation: HarpersCollins

1998. Honoring Menstruation: A Time of Self-Renewal. Crossing Press

Parvati, Jeannine

1978. Hygieia. Monroe, Utah: Freestone Publishing.

Reuther, R.

1990. "Women's Body and Blood: The Sacred and Impure" Through the Devil's Doorway: Women, Religion and Taboo. A. Joseph, ed. London: SPCK.

Rich, Adrienne

1992. Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution. New York: W. W. Norton. First published by Virago Press, 1977.

Riley, Tom

1986. The Price of a Life: One Woman's Death from Toxic Shock. Bethseda, Maryland: Adler & Adler.

Shail, Andrew and Howie, Gillian

2005. Menstruation: A Cultural History. Houndmills; New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Sheffield, Margaret

1989. Life Blood: A New Image for Menstruation. Illustrated by Sheila Bewley. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.

Shorter, Edward

1982. A History of Women's Bodies. New York: Basic Books.

Shuttle, Penelope and Peter Redgrove

1978. The Wise Wound: Menstruation and Everywoman. London: Harper Collins Publishers.

Steele, Cassie Premo

1999. Moon Days. Creative Writings about Menstruation. Ash Tree Publishing, 1-800-431-1579 [a phone number in the U.S.A.].

Stepanich, Kisma K.

1992. Sister Moon Lodge, the power and mystery of menstruation. Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul MN

Taylor, Dena

1988. Red Flower: Rethinking Menstruation. California: Crossing Press.

van de Walle, Etienne and Renne, Elisha P.

2001. Regulating Menstruation - Beliefs, Practices, Interpretations, Chicago

Vostral, Sharra L.

2008. Under Wraps: A History of Menstrual Hygiene Technology, Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books.

Walker, Anne E.

1997. The Menstrual Cycle. London and New York: Routledge.

Walker, Barbara G.

1983. The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets. San Francisco: Harper & Row.

Washbourn, Penelope

1979. "Becoming a Woman: Menstruation as Spiritual Challenge", pp. 246-258 in Womanspirit Rising: A Feminist Reader in Religion. Carol P. Christ and Judith Plaskow (eds). New York: Harper Forum Books

Weideger, Paula

1977. Menstruation and Menopause: The Physiology and Psychology, the Myth and the Reality. New York: Delta.

1975. Female Cycles. London: Women's Press.

Wilson, E. W. and P.I.C. Rennie

1976. The Menstrual Cycle. London: Lloyd-Luke.


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1969. "The Age of Menarche in Classical Greece and Rome." Human Biology 41: 125-132.

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Berry, Carolyn

1984. "Celebrating the Blood: Indian Women and Menstruation." Bread & Roses 3, 2.

Bettelheim, Bruno

1952. Symbolic Wounds: Puberty Rites and the Envious Male. New York: Collier Books.

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1993. "Virginity and Tampon Use: A Case of Myth Alteration." Health Care Women International 14, 1: 27-38.

1993. "The Portrayal of the Menstruating Woman in Menstrual Product Advertisements." Health Care for Women International 14, 2: 179-191.

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Buckley, Thomas and Alma Gottlieb, eds.

1988. Blood Magic: The Anthropology of Menstruation. London: University of California Press.

Bynum, Caroline Walker

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Ernster, Virginia L.

1975. "American Menstrual Expressions." Sex Roles: A Journal of Research 1, 1: 3-13.

Gottlieb, Alma

1982. "Sex, Fertility and Menstruation Among the Beng of the Ivory Coast: A Symbolic Analysis." Africa: Journal of the International African Institute 52, 4: 34-47.

1990. "Reflection on "Female Pollution" Among the Beng of the Ivory Coast" IN Beyond the Second Sex: New Directions in the Anthropology of Gender. Peggy Reeves Sanday and Ruth Gallagher Goodenough, eds. Philadelphia: Univeristy of Pennsylvania Press.

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1981. "Lactation and Menstruation in Cultural Perspective." American Anthropologist 83: 796-823.

Hogbin, Herbert Ian

1970. The Island of Menstruating Men: Religion in Wogeo, New Guinea. Scranton, PA: Chandler.

Joffe, Natalie F.

1948. "The Vernacular of Menstruation." Word 4, 3: 181-186.

King, Helen

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Marienberg, Evyatar

2004. Niddah. Lorsque les juifs conceptualisent la menstruation ("Niddah. When the Jews conceptualized menstruation") 2004 (in French). Medieval-to-modern Jewish menstrual history

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1992. "This is the Time to Grow Up": Girls' Experiences of Menstruation in School. Cambridge: The Health Promotion Research Trust.

Price, Sally

1984, 1993. Co-wives and Calabashes. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan. There's a very interesting section on the author's long experience using a menstrual hut in Suriname (with photos).

Read, Sarah

2008. Thy Righteousness is but a Menstrual Clout: Sanitary Protection and Prejudice in Early-Modern England, Early Modern Woman: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 3 (2008), 1-26
Freely available online in the Loughborough University Institutional Repository https://dspace.lboro.ac.uk/dspace-jspui/handle/2134/10271

2012. Only Kept up by the Credulous and Ignorant: Eighteenth-Century Responses to the 'Poisonous' Nature of Menstrual Blood, in Great Expectations: Futurity in the Long Eighteenth Century, ed by Mascha Hansen and Jürgen Klein (Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2012), pp. 205-222

2013 (September). Menstruation and the Female Body in Early Modern England,  http://www.palgrave.com/products/title.aspx?pid=693103

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