See early tampoms Dale, Wix and B-ettes and a bunch of other earlier ones.
See San-Nap-Pak sanitary napkin ads from 1932 and 1945 and Ads for teenagers. See the roughly contemporary Cashay tampon, box, instructions. (Procter & Gamble donation, 2001), and
Dale (U.S.A., 1930s?-1940s?) Tampons, box, instructions. (Procter & Gamble donation, 2001)
And, of course, the first Tampax AND - special for you! - the American fax tampon, from the early 1930s, which also came in bags.
See a Modess True or False? ad in The American Girl magazine, January 1947, and actress Carol Lynley in "How Shall I Tell My Daughter" booklet ad (1955) - Modess . . . . because ads (many dates).
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The senior cat: Max C. Padd, the Distinguished Service Institutional Wallace C. Meyer Memorial Pouncer at the Museum of Menstruation
(Max was born in 1994 and died 7 August 2008. The following was written mostly in 1998, the last year I had the museum open.)

 picture of Prof. Padd 

Well, speaking of Mack C. Padd, or MaxiMUM, I just happen to have this photo in my wallet!

(See two other staff members, as well as information about five interns)

Yes, THIS is the Distinguished Service Institutional Wallace C. Meyer Memorial Pouncer at the Museum of Menstruation, coolly sizing you up in his snappy FleaFree collar! (His title is a professorial rank equivalent; in this photo the tyke, in the first bloom of youth, had assistant professor status).

No one has EVER seen a mouse (or an alligator; a 1996 visitor to MUM feared alligators would get her somehow) in the Museum of Menstruation, perhaps due to the tireless - no, that's stretching it; how 'bout patient - efforts of this fleet-of-foot feline, portrayed at left at the peak of kittenhood. Isn't he cute??

Now a 12-pound bruiser, he in no way reflects the virtues of the genius for whom his position is named, the go-for-broke ad man Wallace C. Meyer, the director of the first Kotex advertising campaign, in 1921!

Meyer's wonderful efforts can be examined at MUM, which holds copies of the many documents and ads he deposited at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (Meyer graduated from journalism school at the University of Wisconsin). The "father" of American advertising, Albert Lasker, who also endowed the Mary and Albert Lasker Award in medicine, the highest award in America for medicine, later took over the Kotex account and devised a way to spare women the necessity of speaking to a clerk when asking for Kotex. Kotex's sales shot up!

Lasker, who owned some radio stations, insisted that they use the word "cancer" when speaking about the disease, thus breaking the taboo on the word on American airwaves. He also broadcast the first soap opera.

And he gave today's Planned Parenthood of America its name.

He also hired men to remove the dew from his estate lawn each morning, using long poles. He didn't like seeing blades of grass tipped over.

My last tidbit is this: Lasker was in Johns Hopkins Hospital recovering from psychological problems as the negotiations for an important advertising account were going on. Reacting to an impasse, he checked himself out, spent enough time to win the account, and told the negotiators that he now had to return to Johns Hopkins to finish his nervous breakdown.

You see, I didn't just want to show you a picture of my cat after all.

(But while we're on the subject: a girlfriend of one of my nephews actually named him Mack C. Padd; I didn't do it. Rather than call out "Distinguished Service Institutional Wallace C. Meyer Memorial Pouncer!," or "Mack C. Padd!" - what would the neighbors think? - he goes by "Max." Or "My Man.," "Mr. Cat," "Catty-Watty," "Fuzzy-Wuzzy," "Pussy-Wussy," "Cattykins," "Pussykins," "Maxy-Waxy," or - get this - "Your Catcellency!" as in, "You'd rather sleep in exactly the spot I'm trying to sleep in, and you want my covers? Yes, right away, Your Catcellency!" And I move.)

A car killed Max (1994-2008), my first and oldest cat, my favorite, in the morning of 7 August 2008 two months before his 14th birthday.

More cat stuff: "She sights a Bird - she chuckles - ", poem by Emily Dickinson (1862)
"A Kitten's Prayer"

Alley Cat Allies
(an organization urging the public to catch, inoculate, neuter and release feral cats; read why)
Manual of construction of cats

Toilet training cats
Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run
If the musical "Cats" were done by cats

See San-Nap-Pak sanitary napkin ads from 1932 and 1945 and Ads for teenagers. See the roughly contemporary Dale tampon, and very early Tampax and fax.
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