from The Ingenious Machine of Nature

Here's part of one of the more than 250 pages, and I congratulate Timmings & Debay - is this a company? - for the terrific typographic and page layout job, although I'm glad they didn't push the overprinting of text any more than they did.

Ligatures - not the surgical ones, but those lines joining two letters (in the word Introduction, at right, for example) - make me want to hold a book with tongs, so I don't get hand oil on it!

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 Commercial Tampons: Rely

Early Commercial Tampons

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What the Media Say About MUM

Art of Menstruation Jean Tracy,Julie Gaw and Maribel Cruz


Getting Personal

From the Collection (early German ad)(washable pads)(sponge)(Swedish ad)

Inside MUM!

Norwegian Exhibit

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