FDA Proposes to Force Drug Companies to Include Women of All Ages in Tests

No longer can a drug company say that because a drug being tested might possibly harm a pregnant woman or her fetus, the company will not include her in its studies. It will be up to the woman, who will be told of such possibilities. At least that is what the Food and Drug Administration is thinking of enacting into law. The agency could then stop a study not meeting these conditions, or prevent its even starting.

You, the public, have 90 days to comment to the FDA about this good proposal. The agency will then decide what to do.

Yet Another Antidepressant Relieves PMS Symptoms, But Little Benefit from Hormones or Herbs

Researchers at Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas have found that twice as many women with severe premenstrual syndrome benefited from the antidepressant sertraline as from a placebo.

Psychiatrist Judith Gold wrote an editorial accompanying the report in the current Journal of the American Medical Association, saying that women have had little or no relief from PMS symptoms from diuretics, estrogen, progesterone, mineral or herbal mixtures, or from vitamins.

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