New this week: Japanese Tampon with finger cots

Call Your Congressman About the Proposed Tampon Safety and Research Act! Here's How and Why.

MaxiMUM, and Now MiniMUM, at MUM, Or, Putting Another Cat into CATamenia

Purrfect symmetry is now reached in the pouncer staffing at this museum.

The (up-to-now un-) Distinguished Albert Lasker Memorial Pouncer at the Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health, Minnie Padd, (at left, sketched by a former honorary police artist of Kirchheim, Germany, a suburb of Heidelberg, who is now the MUM director; I kid you not) also known as MiniMUM (will this silliness ever stop?), a maybe two-year-old cat who has been longingly peeking into the museum through the glass doors for three months, joins Mack C. Padd as the brace of CATamenial Guards at MUM! (Catamenia is medicalese for menstruation, not enthusiasm for cats; that's catamania, I guess.)

Minnie, a laid-back, friendly Maine coon cat (they look like racoons) - yes, Minnie is a male in a bit of convenient gender adjustment - hurt his paw while cruising the neighborhood, and I decided to take the homeless guy to the vet to fix his leg, get his shots, and remove his Manhood, to put it in a way appropriate for this family audience used to Female Topics. He is now sleeping five feet from me, remarkably adjusted to domestic life after 1.5 days.

But not yet adjusted is Mack C. Padd, or MaxiMUM, the fun-loving, short-haired half Burmese cat, called by some (actually, I'm the only I know who has called him this) - drums, please - the Distinguished Service Institutional Wallace C. Meyer Memorial Pouncer at the Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health. They have only sniffed each other under the door of the room Minnie is now sleeping in, and Max hissed. Will fur fly?

Fur the news this week, this is it. Next week I will have recovered enough from feline frantics to offer the non-cat catamenial information and history.

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New this week: Japanese Tampon with finger cots


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