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Call Your Congressman About the Proposed Tampon Safety and Research Act! Here's How and Why.

Howard Stern to "Interview" MUM Director

Tune in to the Howard Stern radio program about 7:30 Monday morning, 4 May, to hear the New York author and radio/TV host grill the founder of this museum - me - about why he did such a suspicious thing as start a museum about - oh, I can't say it!

They will film both the interview and a tour of the museum for later broadcast.

Howard, please don't be stern with me!

I recently saw an old Jack Paar Tonight television program with Billy Graham, the preacher, who explained his presence there by saying "even Christ walked among the publicans [tax collectors!] and sinners."

If I survive the walk - I'm not Christ, so I may not - I will have introduced some listeners to the amazing history of menstruation and women's health, and some millionaire might say, "What a great idea! I'd like to fund it!" That would be more than worth all the trouble.

A woman in my office I admire, and who likes Mr. Stern, said many corporate women listen to the program; she actually said over half the audience is female. I will have at least some sympathetic listeners.

I've never heard the program, and two years ago I didn't respond to two phone calls from its producer, having just been clobbered by radio and TV interviewers.

But I have progressed in a pushup regimen, and even though Mr. Stern is bigger than me, I can hold on to his ankle!

Wish me luck!

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Spain Likes Your MUM

Last week I received this flattering e-mail from Barcelona, Spain:

Dear Sirs:

A link to your Web page has been incorporated into the SEGO-Internet monthly bulletin, published in electronic format by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Spain (SEGO).

You can visit the comment about your Web page at: [brush up on your Spanish!]

Congratulations for your job and go ahead with your Internet projects.

Best regards from Spain.


Francisco L. Romero, MD, SEGO-Internet Working Group.

OB-Gyn Department, Hospital General de Catalunya.

Spanish International Representative in


Barcelona, Spain

Read More About Menstrual Extraction

Menstrual extraction is a way to have your period within one day. It requires a suction device, and sometimes inserting a rod into the uterus, and therefore is potentially dangerous. The Web page above shows this method. See a patent for another type of menstrual extractor.

The Smithsonian Defends Its Difficult Exhibits

The Washington Post wrote on 22 April about a new exhibit in the National Museum of American History, part of the Smithsonian Institution, showing awful working conditions in some shops of the garment industry in the U.S.A.

At the start of the displays, some text explains why the museum dared create such a show (I take it from the Post):

[The mission of a history museum is to] interpret difficult, unpleasant, or controversial episodes, not out of any desire to embarrass, be unpatriotic, or cause pain, but out of a responsibility to convey a fuller, more inclusive history.

In addition, I think that a museum has the responsibility to display noncontroversial aspects of its chosen subject - but no one contests that, except maybe for menstruation!

I bring this up because of the Judy Chicago print in the Art of Menstruation exhibit I included last week. A few people told me they find it objectionable, which I anticipated.

More Letters to Your MUM

The Feminine Principle

Hi there,

Just writing to tell you of my site that should be included in your links.

It's the Feminine Principle and it explores the relationship between women, their blood cycles and the moon, incorporating a holistic approach to the art of menstruation!

See also other letters.

E-mail from Stanford University discusses menstrual cups:

Thank you for providing such a treasure trove of information for women. [You're welcome!] I really enjoyed browsing through your site.

As for what I think about Instead - I love it! I just wish I'd found out about it sooner. Due to insertion problems, I cannot use tampons; and since my periods always come during vacations involving swimming, it was an annoying limitation. Today was my first time using Instead, and I still can't believe how easy it was to insert. I don't feel it at all now, and there is no leakage. I love it! Incidentally, I also tried The Keeper; but it was sheer horror to try to insert it, and I just gave up. I just wish someone would make a reusable Instead cup - I really like the idea of not contributing to landfill growth.

See earlier letters about cups.

New this week: "Menstrual Synchrony and Suppression" by Martha McClintock (1971) - Are you in the know? booklet (Kotex, 1956) - DIRECTORY OF OTHER TOPICS


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