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TamPak menstrual tampons, super, with applicator, Turkey, 1973

Turkey imitated Tampax as well as American films like The Wizard of Oz

I believe Turkey is the most Western of the Muslim nations and possibly sold tampons before the others. And it looks as if a company made a look-a-like Tampax, maybe because Tampax was the only tampon most of the customers knew or heard of.

The imitation starts with the color, which has perhaps changed from oxidation. (Compare with a Tampax box from a few years before, below.)

The name itself is revealing. Someone, probably from Tambrands, wrote on the white label. Do you see the double line under the letter K, pointing out the difference between the real and fake Tampax? I'd bet the Tampax lawyers saw it too. I think the capitalization of the letter P, plus the K for the X, were intended to fend off lawsuits, at the same time leading the buyer astray. And the typeface is completely different; it looks like a German typeface from decades before, and might be, since Germany helped westernize Turkey after World War I, starting with its language, which had an Arabic script.

Unlike the smaller TamPak this one has an applicator. Tampax famously made the first tampon with an applicator (see the patent and early history plus a very early Tampax).

Nowhere do you find patent information - if there is a patent.

The box measures 5.5" x 4" x 1.5" (14 x 10 x 3.5 cm).

Tambrands kindly donated the box as part of a large gift from its archives.


Someone at Tampax underlined K twice, once more than with the smaller TamPak.

 The star patterns.

Left: Tampax box, Nov. 17, 1970 (gift from Tambrands). Note the identical typefaces for "tampon[s]."


Compare the sides, above and below. Why would the Turkish box bear English, repeating the Tampax verbiage? Maybe to fool a buyer who equates Tampax with tampon just as many Americans do. The instructions, inside, are in Turkish.


Tampax since its beginning emphasized "NO BELTS, NO PINS, NO PADS," irritations women put up with for years (see one on a mannequin) and would soon almost completely abandon (except for pads) when adhesive pads appeared (see an early one here - and see some belts).


One end of the box. The other end has "registered trademark" in Turkish.

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