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Freedom, (Germany), plastic bag with ad

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Ad for Freedom Brevia Plus panty pads, the first with wings
(Freedom Brevia Plus Slip Einlage. Die erste mit Flügeln)
Germany, September 1994
Petra magazine

The American company Kimberly-Clark was and is everywhere.
Including the ad below.

And in Germany it devoured that country's first widely used menstrual pad brand, Camelia,
and helped spread American words to the female half of the population, as you read

The magazine that the ad appeared in, Petra, is a fashion and general culture magazine
aimed at women in their 20s and beyond.

More Freedom:
Freedom, (Germany), plastic bag with ad

Below: The page measures 8 1/2 x 11" (21.5 x 28 cm), strange because
that was a common American magazine page dimension, not a German.
On the left side I included the ad and fashion hints at bottom to show
several words common to German and English/American, some
borrowed from pop/fashion culture.

Below: my translation:

Below: Some American/English words and phrases from the left column:

Whether you go or stand it stays in place.

The new Freedom Plus Panty Pad.
The first with wings.
[Interesting that panty in German is Slip, which comes from English because you slip them on. But the point of the ad is that the Slip pad won't slip.]


You can forget about slipping out of place.  Because the new Freedom Brevia Plus is the first panty pad with wings. It reliably protects and stays exactly where it belongs. So you can do whatever you want. The reliable protection of Freedom is found also in Brevia Standard and Brevia Long panty pad.

FREEDOM. Freedom every day.

[Speaking of wings on pads: read a now-ancient Norwegian joke about this.]



Klasse means great, cool


Mohairpullis: pulli comes from English pullover
Busineß: the ß is two times s
Blue Jeans

And of course Long and FREEDOM

More Freedom:
Freedomplastic bag with ad
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