See an actual set of the company's early Mon Docteur douche apparatus from the 1920s.
See the company's Daintette menstrual cup
See instructions for the cup; information about the Dainty Maid douche apparatus; and covers of Mon Docteur and Daintette booklets.
See many old douching ads and powders.
Why shouldn't you douche?
The Perils of Vaginal Douching (essay by Luci Capo Rome) - the odor page
A discussion of the letter testimonials of the Lydia Pinkham Medicine Company, and their authenticity (in a discussion of a Pursettes ad with a letter testimonial)

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Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Personal want ads in American newspapers to sell Dainty Maid douche, enema and ear irrigation ("earigator") apparatus that could be sold in Tupperware-like - Charm - parties
1932 - 1961

In twentieth-century America, and probably in Europe, douching the vagina at home - flushing it out, usually with a special apparatus - was very popular, as least to judge from the advertising (see some ads in the links column at left). But just as with the sanitary napkin belt and thick pads - the industries making them almost disappeared (see a Sears catalog page from the 1940s advertising the gear women used, and the early beltless pads New Freedom and Stayfree) - douching has declined, fortunately. Flushing out the vagina rids it not only of odor but of bacteria necessary to keep the tube acidic, the acid reducing the number of harmful microorganisms that can survive there. Douching is normally bad (read The Perils of Vaginal Douching).

The Dainty Maid Company, starting probably in the 1920s in Meriden, Connecticut, made douche apparatus and a menstrual cup that company representatives could sell at "parties" of neighborhood ladies, relatives and friends. My mind reels at the thought. According to the testimonials here, sales people could earn enough to send their kids to college and for cars. I suspect this form of selling things was more common than we might think.

In 1998, an unidentified person in Middlefield, Connecticut, the company's last home, faxed me what look like package inserts or promotional material, here.

See an actual set of the company's early Mon Docteur douche apparatus from the 1920s and the company's Daintette menstrual cup.
Read testimonials for an old American patent medicine, Cardui.

I again thank the industrious and kind retired teacher who found these ads!

Below: From Reno [Nevada] Evening Gazette, January 30, 1932.
Below: From the Vidette Messenger, Valparaiso, Indiana, March 4, 1946.
Below: From the Syracuse [New York] Herlad Journal and The Joplin [Missouri] Globe, January 22, 1950.
Below: From the Nevada State Journal, Reno, February 12, 1950
Below: From Valley News, Van Nuys, California, July 2, 1961.

Dainty Maid testimonials 1 2 3 and description of products.
See an actual set of the company's early Mon Docteur douche apparatus from the 1920s and
the company's Daintette menstrual cup.

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