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Modess Snipes at Kotex (U.S.A.), October 1949

In the same month, October 1949, Modess and Kotex published cartoon ads.

The Kotex ad, below, part of a long series of advice-to-teenager ads (see here for more), speaks in a wise-guy teenage slang, supposedly appealing to teens of the time and reflecting their speech. It brings to mind Frank Sinatra songs, fast and tough.

But the Modess ad scoffs at this speech and advice and cattily advises kids that tactfulness is the key. Note that in the ad and in the booklet it promotes - Growing Up and Liking It - there's little slang and cutesiness. The booklet even uses drawings like the Kotex ad's, which are much better than the drawing in their ad.

The two companies were the main producers of pads at this time, which probably explains the static.

I broke the ad into three parts to make it download faster in an era of slow connections.


Isn't "fizzician" great? Corny, but great. By the way, apparently people weren't allowed to drink soft drinks with "fizz" - carbonation - on Sunday in certain parts of America (it was thought immoral) so someone invented the sundae, which had no carbonation. Such is America.
Look how dressed up everyone is! 


I haven't deciphered "come y'aout" yet (third line in the left paragraph) - is it "come out" or "come you all out"?, which is strange in itself.
"(Boo coo welcome feature - n'est-ce pas?)" is priceless (last line at right), boo coo being the French "beaucoup," meaning "much," and n'est-ce pas being "right?" I guess you had to be bilingual to fit in in high school in 1949, which is becoming true today.


See how a belt looked when worn, and some other belts
Ads for teenagers

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