See Quest sanitary napkin powder and Zero-Jel vaginal cream.
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Ria panty pad (Slipeinlagen) ad
Germany, 1992
freundin (girlfriend) magazine, issue 13

Ria - which apparently is no longer sold in Germany but is through a Web site with the price in rupees - added this "fitted" pad after marketing a simpler design 12 years earlier. That one stuck an actual panty pad onto the advertisement in a German magazine, July 1980.

As in many other ads from other companies, Ria shows a naked woman, a practice common in Europe but not in America or other conservative countries.

Note the name "Hartmann," which is the probable maker of the first disposable German pad.

Below: The ad fills a page measuring 8 3/8 x 11" (21.3 x 27.9).
My translation

[Hartmann marketed what was possibly the first commercial disposable menstrual pad in Germany and maybe the world. Early ads.]

Fits the body

[(on the package): a word not in a 1958 German dictionary but probably entering the language later through commercial English.]

Panty pads that are shaped right.

"Menstrual hygiene that's fun!"schreit (screams, but in German) a camouflaged nude woman for Freedom pads and tampons in 1990. And Freedom's made by the American firm Kimberly-Clark, whose American-ad women wear clothes! 

 Quest sanitary napkin powder and Zero-Jel vaginal cream.

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