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(A book first published in 1918)

Married Love
by Marie Carmichael Stopes, D.Sc., London; Ph.D., Munich

Fellow of University College London; Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature
and of the Linnean and Geological Societies, London. First published in 1918 and,
by 1931, translated into 10 languages. This first American edition was published
in 1931 by G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York (The Knickerbocker Press)

The amazing Scotswoman Dr. Marie Stopes, founder of the first birth control clinic in the British Empire
(The Mothers' Clinic in London, still running), in 1921, wrote this ground-breaking book that devoted a
chapter to the cyclic nature of women's sexual desire, a first, part of which appears below.

Read the main discussion.

SarahAnne Hazlewood generously donated this book to the museum.

First, third Stopes page

Below: Dr. Stopes is in the process of explaining that some women feel only one of the peaks of desire each moon month, or only experience the two peaks when they are "particularly well, or only when they read exciting novels [!], . . . " and then the line below starts.  Read more about novels at right.
Many books of popular medicine of the 19th century regarded novels and dancing, among other things, as immoral and causing masturbation and illicit sex. They were right! Read, for example, Kellogg's Plain Facts for Old and Young, 1892.
  Read Leviticus 15.
First, third Stopes page, Dr. Grace Feder Thompson's letter appealing for patients, Nellie Bly, Lydia Pinkham,

See also the patent medicine Cardui, Dr. Grace Feder Thompson's letter appealing for patients, Dr. Pierce's medicines, and Orange Blossom medicine.
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