Dutch Tampax ad from 1938 - A German o.b. ad (early 1950s) - An Amira tampon ad from about 1950, Germany
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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Tampax ad for girls,
September 1988

Bravo magazine (for preteens and teenagers), Germany

Tampax, the first tampon with an insertion tube, made a "junior" tampon in the late 1930s designed for customers who needed a less absorbent tampon. It's possible it was designed also for girls although public opinion in the 30s (and beyond, even today in America and elsewhere) inveighed against girls sticking anything into their vaginas (the company history writes about this).

The girls below talk about the insertion tube. That's because probably the first commercial tampon created in Germany, o.b., and then still very popular, had none, possibly because of Tampax's patent restrictions. Another early German tampon, Amira, also lacked the applicator. Tampax itself invaded Europe in the late 1930s.

To me it looks as if the less girlish looking girl (Katrin?) at right is pitching Tampax to the shyer girl with the downcast eyes.
More ads aimed at girls.
Dutch Tampax ad from 1938 - German o.b. ad (early 1950s) - German Amira brochure, early 1950s.
A Dutchman generously sent these scans.

Below: Each of the facing pages measures 8 1/4 x 11 1/8 (21 x 28.3 cm).

You can best see where they joined by looking at the right girl's forehead.

My translation:
Dutch Tampax ad from 1938 - A roughly contemporary German o.b. ad (early 1950s) - An Amira tampon ad from about 1950, Germany

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Title (at bottom): 

Box (at right): "The first times I used pads, but now I only use Tampax mini." 
Katrin (13) to her friend Tina (13): "Actually I would have liked to use tampons right from the beginning but I was unsure. Then one time when when we wanted to go swimming I tried Tampax mini. And that was simpler than I thought.

"Because Tampax with its soft rounded tip is the only mini with an applicator. That's a narrow shell that makes insertion completely gentle and hygienic. And the tampon lands right on the correct place, where you don't feel it. And although Tampax mini is so tiny, it's more absorptive and completely safe. That's because it expands on three sides and conforms exactly to the body.
 The new Tampax minis are made especially for young girls.

Coupon: I would like to get to know the new Tampax mini with the applicator and would like the free trial package with 4 tampons.

Place for the sender's name and address and where to send it in Germany and Austria.