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Some early history of the Scandinavian tampon
and menstrual pad company SCA Mølnlycke

Early on, the company sent busses throughout Norway showing and demonstrating its products;
it also sold diapers and other paper products.

Below are two early ads; the left one is from 1956. The style of illustration is typical for the 1950s for ads from America and Europe.

(The photo and ads are from the booklet A.S. SABA 1945-1985: 40 år i vekst og trivsel, which the
company lent to MUM. The photos are small in the booklet, thus the quality.)
END SEE a later cartoon SABA ad, for teens, in Danish. Tour the former museum in MUM director Harry Finley's
house. See the first factory (and the beginning of this report) - an assembly line - a slightly later ad.

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