See the complete Wix box & tampon (and a flat version) and the whole Comfortubes box and contents.
See the Wix tampon, instructions, patent, The Fascinating Story of Wix (and another version) and store instruction sheet. And read an ad in the Sears catalog for Wix and see a Wix tampon store display ad.
Early commercial tampons
Ads for the Kotex stick tampon (U.S.A., 1970s) - a Japanese stick tampon from the 1970s.
Early commercial tampons - Rely tampon - Meds tampon (Modess)
And, of course, the first Tampax AND - special for you! - the American fax tampon, from the early 1930s, which also came in bags.
See a Modess True or False? ad in The American Girl magazine, January 1947, and actress Carol Lynley in "How Shall I Tell My Daughter" booklet ad (1955) - Modess . . . . because ads (many dates).
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Beauty in box design
Embossed Wix (1930s) & Kotex (1967) menstrual tampon boxes, U.S.A.

It's surprising to find menstrual products with a "classy" feature like embossing - raising part of the surface, which costs more money and which we usually associate with carved jewelry or fancy invitations. But why not? Modess pads published a beautiful series of ads for decades starting in the late 1940s that usually featured glamourous women in fashionable gowns, and very few words (see here).

The style could have been used to conceal the contents; the Wix box, below, has no indication on the front and sides of the tampons within. The Kotex box, more modern, does. But it uses an embossed flower to prettify the product, a use of flowers that has a long history, including the word flowers, although that derives from an unexpected source (more on the words page).

A woman in the Chicago area kindly donated the Wix box and many other items, like fax; her father sold Kotex products as a representative of the company. Tambrands generously donated the Comfortubes, part of a large gift of menstrual products from its archives.
Harry Finley created the images.

The box looks like a candy box. See its raised letters, below. See all sides of the box and its contents here along with a flat - non-embossed - box.
White signifies cleanliness and the flower a nice odor, not what our society expects of menstrual blood. See the whole box and its contents here.
The beautiful typeface - was it created just for Wix? - is damaged because it stands above the rest of the box. Wix also appeared in a flat box, here.
It's impressive that Kotex took the trouble to emboss the flower - a rose? Smelling like a rose?

See the complete Wix box & tampon (and a flat version) and the whole Comfortubes box and contents.

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