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How Can We Teach About Sex?
Benjamin C. Gruenberg
Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 122, 1946
Public Affairs Committee, Inc, New York City, U.S.A.
A prominent sex educator discusses sex education
in schools, venereal disease, doctors, religion, the Catholic Church,
marriage, divorce, children, character, moral training, parents,
birth control

This booklet appeared when America was adjusting to the return of immense numbers of troops from World War II in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and other areas. They would change the U.S.A. as many returned to college or other learning institutions, or got jobs; many married and had children. And the country had just weathered a terrible financial crisis, the Great Depression.

Benjamin C. Gruenberg, its author, was a prominent liberal sex educator. America had wrestled with sex education during its history and the incoming military veterans made the issue even more important because of the health problems some troops brought with them, which could affect their family life. And the growing children needed up-to-date instruction about sex.

Among this pamphlet's companions in the series (see below) were tracts addressing pressing questions of the time besides sex: the position of blacks in America; the treatment of another minority, Japanese-Americans; and government's relationship to science.

More sex education: New Knowledge for Women:
A Manual of Marriage Hygiene
(1933) -
Many menstrual & sex education booklets for girls, boys & women directory
SarahAnee Hazelwood kindly domated the booklet.

Below: Back & front covers of the paper booklet, the covers being of
slightly greater weight than the interior pages.
Each page measures 5 3/8 x 8 3/8" (13.5 x 21.1 cm).
Only the covers have color.
Interestingly enough, the author's
last name
(in German) contains the word green (gruen), the
color of the cover. Gee, fascinating, huh?
Just a few interesting pamphlet topics on the back cover (below), some very relevant today:
5. Credit for consumers.
6. The South's place in the nation.
27. Who can afford health?
38. The fight on cancer
43. Safeguarding our civil liberties
70. What's happening to out Constitution?
74. Workers and bosses are human
87. The American way
91. What about our Japanese-Americans? (Many were interned in the U.S. from
1942-46, the last released only the year this booklet appeared.)
95. The Negro in America
105. There can be jobs for all!
107. Race riots aren't necessary
110. Will Negroes get jobs now?
111. The refugees are now Americans
115. What shall we do about immigration?
119. Should the government support science?

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More sex education: New Knowledge for Women: A Manual of Marriage Hygiene (1933) -
Many menstrual & sex education booklets for girls, boys & women directory

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