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o.b. tampon ad, the Netherlands, 1962
Eva magazine

About 10 years after the company started it produced this Dutch ad, recalling the many tampon ads (especially Tampax) that promised women freedom to play sports and freedom from belts, pads and pins.

Before World War II Tampax beat o.b. to Europe. But o.b. had no applicator, which seems to have been more acceptable to Europeans than to American women. Americans still have the reputation in Europe of being prudish - and squeamish.

No picture of a tampon - I wonder why?

I thank the generous Dutchman who sent this ad!

My translation sits under the ad.

My translation:

Millions of modern women feel secure with o.b. tampons - all the time and everywhere!

You don't notice anything - others don't notice anything!
Sport, bicycle riding, dancing, bathing. Do everything and keep doing doing it. Wonderfully free and no belt to hinder you. No pads or pins.

Imperceptible protection
o.b. tampons, worn internally, you don't feel, see or notice.

Comfortable usage
With o.b. you don't need a box. One can carry them in the smallest bag and take one out unnoticed as you need it.

Unnoticeable and absolutely safe [English!]
o.b tampons don't show under tight-fitting clothes or in a bathing suit and . . . you can feel secure under all circumstances.

Medically responsible
Scientific tests in America and many European countries have demonstrated that the o.b. method satisfies more than the other modern methods. [Read a medical report from the 1940s defending tampons and attacking pads.]

o.b. tampons
the modern monthly hygiene
price per pack of 10 tampons (satisfies a month's needs):
Normal 1 florin
Special 1.25 florins

[A coupon for a sample follows.]

o.b. ads: German (early 1950s) - German (1970s) - German nude (1970s) - French (1989)
o.b. puberty booklet (German, 1977)
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