Menstrual humor - Early commercial tampons
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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

"Vinnie's" Tampon Case, 1998

This museum has several pad and tampon carriers, but none as expressive as this one!

Rather than trying to conceal what the function of the case is, it broadcasts it! No mainstream company, which would do its best to cover up everything to do with menstruation, would make such a thing.

The art work has a carnival feel about it, typical comic-book material. I wonder if that is what Vinnie looks like - and does he leer like that? And what's with the dice?

A woman visitor of this site sent me Vinnie's ad for this case, and I bought one for your MUM.

See the company site.


Sorry to put the "front" side upside down, but I found the back side more interesting. 


Look at the interior. How many women are going to put their names inside? 
Menstrual humor - Early commercial tampons

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