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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Menstrual tampon dispenser (tampong skåpet, or tampon cabinet)
for the home, made of beechwood (Sweden, contemporary)

Swedish design rears its beautiful head in this beech dispenser meant for your house, displaying objects concealed by most people. But these are Swedes, who designed a panty pad for thongs and showed a woman wearing a menstrual-pad belt in an ad.

One of the designers, Maria Kreutz, kindly gave this example to the museum.

DesignTorget in Stockholm sells it, and if this museum had a gift shop, I think she could sell thousands here. Read below to order it from Ms. Kreutz.

Note that only tampons without applicators will fit the 2 1/8" (5.3 cm) wide space and they must be smaller than 5/8" (1.5 cm) in diameter to pass through the hole. But what self-respecting Swede would use tampons with applicators? And I think only Americans who used applicatorless tampons would display one.

I confess the tampon-shape "windows" also look like sperm to me - but that's my clouded, narrow male mind for you!

There is nothing attached for mounting the box, but that could be done with Velcro. The back, or wall side, is bare wood and smells good, hard to effect with plastic or metal.

Order it from Maria Kreutz! (As of 2000)
Maria Kreutz, Västra Rönneholmsvägen 50C, S-21741 Malmo, Sweden or e-mail her: mariakreutz@hotmail.com
The price for the painted ones (red or white at the moment) is $49 or £33.
They are also available unpainted for $45 or £30 (the most popular, actually).
It costs about $9 or £6 to send it by mail.
The delivery time will be approximately one week.

The dispenser (skåpet is cabinet in Swedish)
15 11/16" high, 2 13/16" wide,
1 1/16" thick (ca. 39.75, 7.2, 2.6 cm)
 Smaller picture, below, to fit your screen



Load the tampons from the top.
The available space is 2 1/8" (5.3 cm) wide.

Push the tampon out with your finger through the hole on either side; gravity drops the next tampon into firing position. That's your MUM's finger, by the way. (No, no, at left!)

A tampon peeking out one of the two side holes (each 5/8" - 1.5 cm - in diameter), ready to meet its fate. 
The package label, below. 
The label reads,
tampon cabinet in beech (-wood)

pernilla giorgi
maria kreutz
[the latter sent this museum the dispenser]
Gee, the red period - I wonder what that is.

Other dispensers: Kotex (1920s-1930s) (1960s?) - Modess (1960s?) - Kotex dispenser offer (flyer, 1968)
The museum has many dispensers not on this site.

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