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Tampax Compak tampon ad
Seventeen magazine, September 1990

Conceal Tampax in your hand? NO WAY!

Plastic applicator? NO WAY!

Well, WAY to both of those statements with Compak.

NO WAY the older one could fit in the palm of your hand, and it had a more environmentally friendly cardboard applicator. Concealing the tampon by getting rid of the applicator was a selling point with Pursettes. (But it probably yielded to pressure to later add an applicator.)

Most early American and many European tampons (o.b. notably), but also Pursettes from around a decade or three before Compak were small because they lacked applicators.

Playtex crowed that it was the first to offer plastic applicators, an environmental killer.

Below: This is how the ads appeared in the magazine, the right one two pages after the first.
Below: Compare the zippier Compak box with the more traditional box from two years before. A Tambrands hand wrote on and donated this box to MUM, part of a generous gift from its archives.

More: 1938 Tampax ads, U.S.A., the Netherlands - "Are you sure I'll still be a virgin?" ad (Feb. 1990) - August 1965 ad (U.S.A.)
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