See the same ad from the Netherlands, 1938, with slightly different text. See a very early ad, 1936, U.S.A.
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Tampax menstrual tampon ad, 1938, U.S.A.

Tampax made possibly the first widely successful commercial tampon in the early 1930s (see a contender) but faced opposition from the Catholic Church and those thinking that using tampons would take a women's virginity (that was - is? - still an issue in the 1990s in America). Another concern was that it could get lost. Some of these problems Tampax addressed through the Dickinson Report, in 1945, but some linger today. And then there's the toxic shock possibility (read about Rely tampon), although that likelihood is much reduced.

"No belts, no pins, no pads" addressed one of the main complaints women had in dealing with menstruation and Tampax used those words for many years. See a later one. And see a clever French translation in another 1938 ad.

The same ad with slightly different text appeared in the Netherlands in 1938. My guess is that Tampax was the first commercial tampon in Europe, although women had made their own for decades and probably longer, especially in the theatrical profession.

Tampon directory.

See the same ad in Dutch, 1938, with slightly different text. Tampon directory.

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