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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Ad for Kotex  menstrual pads
Unknown magazine, 1940s-60s, U.S.A.
Boozing it up, ad after ad

Tom Hall, who illustrated this ad, painted many ads in mid-20th century American magazines, three of which you see below.

Like Jon Whitcomb's and Irving Nurick's people, among others, these Wasps - white Anglo-Saxon Protestants - reflected the people who would buy these goods. They're movie-star pretty. Kotex hoped that if these ideals bought Kotex, I - er, not me, a guy - could too!

Parenthetically, - actually, it's the bigger chunk of this page - look at the expressions on their faces. Women and servants please the men, even in the Kotex ad. The booze flows, doesn't it?

Tom Hall lived from 1908-1965.

I thank the anonymous donor for the Kotex ad!

Pad, towel, napkin directory

Below: Although the "gentleman" looks as if he's had enough,
the lady diverts attention from
menstruation and from the swastika
on what looks like a towel right below her elbow.

For most people, swastikas and menstruation occupy
dark corners.

Below: Again, a hand calls attention to a dissipated face in another Hall ad.

Lady: Have we met?
Gentleman: Uh, no. Can I have your beer?

Below: Are the faces the same?
Below: So, is this the same man in the other two Hall ads? Hall,
like many commercial artists,
often used the same model. Christian Leyendecker (below right),
for example, used his live-in boyfriend to model for some of his paintings in an earlier part
of the 20th century.
Below: As luck would have it, flip the Kotex ad over and these hotel bell hops
supply PM, Perfect Mixer, - for whiskey? - to occupants of a room. PM reflects backwards in the ad's mirror.
Someone else painted the ad, not Hall.

Again, florid faces. Hmm, maybe they're gawking at what the guests are up to in this run-up
to the "Mad Men" decades.


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