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Read also the important following articles (issues listed) in the Rochester (New York) Patriot newspaper, which investigated Rely in 1975 and 1976, years before the toxic shock crisis: 23 July-5 August 1975 (front cover) - 6-26 August 1975 - 11 December 1975-13 January 1976 - 1-14 September 1976) - a letter to a customer assuring her that Rely was safe (April 1980) - and a letter from Procter & Gamble (22 September 1980) announcing that it was stopping distribution of Rely because of health concerns
See also the product safety page on this site, and you must read the definitive government site dealing with menstrual products safety: the Food and Drug Administration's at See the super Rely tampon, two sections of its instructions, and an ad for Rely from 1980 And see some other tampons Procter & Gamble sold around the time of Rely and also early commercial tampons
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The instructions in a Rely menstrual tampon box (1979)

The instructions are full of ironies!

The colors are mainly black and blue; I reduced everything to grays to allow a faster download.

Back section of instructions . See the super Rely tampon, and an ad for Rely from 1980. Main Rely tampon page

NEXT: back section of instructions. See the super Rely tampon, and an ad for Rely from 1980. Main Rely tampon page

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