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Ad for Always menstrual pads, The Netherlands
In the instore magazine Dirk of the supermarket chain
Dirk van den Broek
November 2015

Do you worry about leaking menses? Always always has and so has
everyone else. After all, what's menstrual protection for?

But sometimes women have said, The hell with it and just let loose!
There are many reasons but here are a few.

The woman holding her shoes below wears white, the standard
ad motif for See, it doesn't leak!

The Dutch donor of the ad commented,
As you can see there is no more fall or winter, it is always spring or
summer. One of the girls has no shoes! But November was also one of the
warmest months here in Europe.
Global warming?

The Dutch donor of so many items (for example) and scans to this museum
contributed this scan. Many thanks again!
Below: The donor didn't send the page measurements.
Note that the text on the two products, below right,
is English, not Dutch.
The translation below is a combination of the Dutch contributor's and mine (Harry Finley's).

5 o'clock in the morning? I decide when the night ends, not my period.

New Always Ultra.
Up to 100% protection
from leaks. [Note that they don't claim 100%.]

With new Always Ultra you can party till dawn.
The ultra -absorbent gel core absorbs fluid and does not leak. Stay at home and miss the best moments? No way! Also available in panty liners.

[Far left] Fresh - Protective

[Text running up the right side] Improved core with more absorbent gel.
See another Dutch Always ad, a Polish ad for Libresse, a Dutch Libresse bus-stop ad and some ads for teenagers.

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