Disposal bags for pads - "flushable" pads
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Cannon Hygienic Concept Unit, disposal for menstrual
pads and tampons, U.K. & U.S.A., 2001

Flushing - are you aware of the hidden cost?

(text and photo from Cannon Hygiene)

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a soluble napkin or tampon. Flushing items down the toilet pollutes rivers and coastlines and can result in blocked drains.

The sewerage system simply wasn't designed to handle the disposal of sanitary waste. When flushed down the toilet, sanitary waste can create blockages in pipes which on average, are very narrow in diameter. It has been estimated that over two thirds of all blockages contain disposable items.

Sanitary waste blockages reduce the efficiency of the system adding to the problem of sewerage flowing out of our rivers and seas. It is estimated that every year, two billion items of sanitary protection are being flushed down British toilets alone.

Children, bathers, and other beach users regularly come across used sanitary protection and to a child, the potential dangers are not always obvious. Marine wildlife also suffer - sea birds gather used tampon applicators, mistaking them for nesting materials.

Also spare a thought for the sewerage plant workers who have to remove thousands of tons of plastics and other solids which get in to our waste systems every year.

In order to address these issues, nearly 50 years ago our company, Cannon Hygiene, introduced a sanitary disposal and washroom hygiene service to UK business, industry and health care. Since then we have utilised our experience and understanding of customer needs in order to develop our services into a world-wide operation.

Our service consists of a specially designed unit to contain the waste, a deodorising fluid and a regular and reliable collection and disposal service.

The most recent development in our service has been the introduction of the Concept Unit which reflects the desire of many discerning women for a safe, clean, easy to use, discreet disposal system. Hand contact with the unit is avoided with the help of a foot pedal, assisting in the prevention of cross infection.

Cannon's commitment however, doesn't stop in the washroom. Our service ensures that all feminine hygiene waste is legally disposed of and in line with our commitment to the environment, all UK divisions of the company are ISO9002 accredited and Head Office is accredited to ISO14001 Environmental Standard. These are benchmarks for distinction in our industry and assurance of the highest standards.

(Image below)

If you would like to know more about our services, please feel free to contact us:
UK Headquarters
Cannon Hygiene International Ltd
Middlegate, White Lund, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA3 3BJ, England
Tel: +44 (0) 1524 60894
Fax: +44 (0) 1524 64815
Web: www.cannonhygiene.co.uk
E-mail: international@cannonhygiene.com
U.S. Headquarters
Cannon Hygiene Inc
1600 Shore Road, Suite A, Naperville, Illinois 60563, USA
Tel: +1 630 753 9625
Fax: +1 630 753 9628
E-mail: cannonhygieneinc@aol.com
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Disposal bags for pads - "flushable" pads

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