See a FAKE Tampax from Turkey.
Tampax Junior tampons, late 1930s-1940s
Tampax Satin Learner's Kit (for menstruation), 2001, in 3 languages
Instructions from Tampax about what to tell customers, 1936
See a French and American Tampax from 1938
Tampax "Educational Material on Menstruation," 1966
See a very early Tampax ad (1936) - a very early Tampax box and contents - more early commercial tampons
Booklets menstrual hygiene companies made for girls, women and teachers - patent medicine - a list of books and articles about menstruation - videos
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Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Tampax menstrual tampons educational folder for home economics teachers
"Coming of Age
" by Lawrence H. Mayers, M.D.
Early 1940s-1950s?, U.S.A.
Whole folder
Front cover

High schools usually taught girls classes in how to run a household: home economics. That included budgets, sewing, cooking, caring for children and ... sex education. (A sports coach often taught boys about sex. It wasn't as interesting as what boys learned on their own. I remember Coach Oleski referring to the menstrual period as MP as we stared into space or looked at our shoes.)

Tampax lent its tamponic hand by writing many guides for girls and teachers - like the one below. It was a way to tell girls and their teachers about tampons and, best of all, Tampax.

See Tampax's Accent on you . . . (1970-80s?), "it's time you knew . . .," and Tampax Satin Learner's Kit (for menstruation), 2001, in 3 languages.

I thank the Dutch contributor of these and other scans and items to this museum!

Below:  Black & salmon cover. The Dutch contributor of the scans writes that the folder measures 213 x 280 mm,  "almost A4 [a paper measure used everywhere except North America]." That translates to about 8.4 x 11".
Apparently someone once folded the folder but not where it was supposed to be folded.

The uplifted eyes and slightest smile give her a spiritual look.
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Instructions from Tampax about what to tell customers, 1936
See a French and American Tampax from 1938
Tampax "Educational Material on Menstruation," 1966

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