A pioneering American woman physician and her mail-order business for women's diseases and menstruation: Dr. Grace Feder Thompson

Dr. Pierce's medical empire

Dr. Pierce's Vaginal Tablets

Lydia Pinkham's Private Text-Book Upon Ailments Peculiar to Women
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Compliments of
World Dispensary Medical Ass'n, Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A.
No date, but possibly right after World War I

Introduction and covers.

Dr. Pierce's medical empire.
See a similar Lydia Pinkham booklet.

Below: Pp. 26-27. 
The eyes staring through the round glasses at left: Do they recall
Dr. T. J. Eckleburg's sign in The Great Gatsby?
Well, they do to me even though the novel appeared in 1925.
(Look at the top of this page.) They curiously
evoke the sad eyes of Francis Cugat's painting (mid page) on the cover of the
first edition of the novel. Wikipedia writes about "the description of
Daisy Buchanan as the 'girl whose disembodied
face floated along the dark cornices and blinding signs.' "
(Scribner, Charles, III (Winter 1992). "Celestial Eyes: From Metamorphosis
to Masterpiece." Princeton University Library Chronicle 53). 

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Read the complete Home Treatment for Women (Cardui patent medicine, Chattanooga Medicine Company, early 20th century?)

Selections from Lectures on Chronic Catarrh (c. 1895), promoting the infamous patent medicine Pe-ru-na.

A pioneering American woman physician and her mail-order business for women's diseases and menstruation: Dr. Grace Feder Thompson.

Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and medicine business

Dr. Pierce's medical empire.

Dr. Pierce's Vaginal Tablets.
Lydia Pinkham's Private Text-Book Upon Ailments Peculiar to Women (1905-1910?).

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