Another of these scandalous ads! And another! Wow! Another!

The influential Dickinson Report (1945) - Early commercial tampons
Ad Aug 1965 - actress Susan Dey ad, 1970 - gymnast Mary Lou Retton ad, 1986 - ad "Are you sure I'll still be a virgin?" Feb. 1990 - ad (British, nude) 1992 - Tampax sign (World War II) - ad, British, 1994 (the thong advantage)
Australian douche ad (ca. 1900) - Fresca douche (date ?) - Kotique douche 1974 ad - Liasan (1) ad - Liasan (2) ad - Lysol 1928 ad - Lysol 1948 ad - Marvel 1926 ad - Midol 1938 ad - Midol 1959 booklet - o.b. German (papyrus tampons) - Pristeen 1969 ad - o.b. German (nude) - Sterizol 1926 ad - Vionell spray 1970 ad (Germany) - the odor page

A British Tampax ad using nudity (1992) - And see other ads directed at teenagers.

See a Modess True or False? ad in The American Girl magazine, January 1947, and actress Carol Lynley in "How Shall I Tell My Daughter" booklet ad (1955) - Modess . . . . because ads (many dates).
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Two ads for Freedom tampons and panty pads
Kimberly-Clark, 1991
Girl! magazine, Germany

Want to see a great difference between American and German social attitudes?

Compare the ads below – the women are naked – with an almost contemporary American ad: the Germans are having FUN, the American looks mortified.

The same company, Kimberly-Clark, made all the products, fitting its pitch to different societies.

And get this: the ecstatic German ads appeared in a magazine for teenagers, the American in one for adults, Good Housekeeping.

Many Europeans look down on American prudery. Germany has public mixed saunas, no bathing suits allowed! Sun bathing naked or in underwear is common in the public, as is relieving oneself (not just men).

No wonder American conservatives look down at Europeans.

Another of these scandalous ads! And another! Wow! Another!

Below: From the German magazine Girl!, 13 February 1991.
Is that body paint or were the designs painted on the page
negatives? Maybe both.
My translation:

Pads Tampons Panty pads
Menstrual hygiene that's fun.

The panty pads from Freedom are especially comfortable. Because they've got great form or, in other words, their form fits the body ideally, and they're super soft. Try Freedom panty pads, pads and tampons for free. Just clip out the coupon and send to [address].
BTW, I taught German to American soldiers in the town mentioned, Neckarsulm.
Below: Also from Girl!, probably 1991.
My translation:

Pads Tampons Panty pads
Menstrual hygiene that's fun.


Freedom tampons average and mini insert noticeably easier. Because they have a smoother surface. That makes them easier to change. Try the Freedom average tampon for free. Clip out the coupon and send with sufficient postage to [address].

See a French Freedom ad from the previous decade.
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