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The former physical Museum of Menstruation

Ad for Kimlon Kotex menstrual pads
and Magic Carpet Contest (travel)

McCall's magazine, July 1959, U.S.A.

Carpet? No way!

A magic Kotex flew people around the world! Hm, a Kotex pad does look like a carpet. I think the company knew that.

Ads luring customers with stuff unrelated to the merchandise are common, even with menstrual products. Women's clothing is favorite bait, as in the French ad below the big one.

And who could resist a two-week trip to anywhere? Or (now defunct) Polaroid camera?

These ads have been around at least since my brother won a football by telling the company how many Wheaties he ate every day decades ago.

At bottom, I threw in a link to a cartoon strip that I didn't finish because of viewer hostility (imagined or not). But it makes a terrific point.
Pad, towel, napkin directory

Below: The full-page ad measures 10 1/2 x 13 1/2" (26.7 x 34.3 cm)

Below: Can clothes sell panty pads and tampons? French ad. Vania Girl, 1994.
Below: Can a museum kill a curse? A Visit to the Museum of Menstruation!" by the MUM director, Harry Finley, 2006.
Below: Can good grades sell tampons? A fake ad for a fake company by the MUM director, 1989.


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