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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Ad for Wondersoft Kotex  menstrual pads
Unknown magazine, 1958, U.S.A.

Women have often complained about menstrual pads - the rubbing, the size, the shifting around, and the disengagement with the belt. Like, they fell off. (Tampons were supposed to fix these problems.)

Kotex and other companies tried again and again to make pads more comfortable. Wondersoft, below, was an attempt.

I thank the anonymous donor!

Pad, towel, napkin directory

Below: Note that the light falls from above right on the top face
and from above left on the bottom one. As unlikely as this is,
it's effective for drama although usually avoided in illustration.

The archers remind me of a silly booklet for Midol from the same era.

Quibble: against usual practice, the text places the quotation mark
after dig in before the period (speaking of periods), not the practice in the U.S.A.

Note the blue-eyed Causasians. African Americans did appear in menstruation
at least by the 1960s and in a "non-customer" role in the 50s.
Below: Jon Whitcomb's signature, which appears below left at an angle in light blue;
I darkened it.

Below and right: Whitcomb earned fabulous money in commercial art, painting ads, magazine covers, posters, etc. He even wrote a magazine column.

Below: The artist painted himself in one the era's frequent cigarette ads. I wonder what's in his shirt pocket - an eraser? I guess he learned to drop his ashes anywhere but on the art, which could be big trouble doing watercolor as he's shown doing (I'm also a watercolorist).


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