The Anne brand mentioned in the essay.

Cameo (Japan & the U.K., 1960s-1970s?) Box, tampon, ad. It's the same as Ortex Gold and Anshin. (Tambrands gift, 1997)

Cellopon (Japan, 1968) Box, instructions, tampons. No applicator. With a discussion of the mutual influence of European and Japanese art & an example from Van Gogh. (Generous gift from Tambrands, 1997)

Elldy (Japan) tampon with finger cots (like Anne, above), box - ad in Junie magazine (October 1996) - instructions from 2011 a Hispanic woman in Japan sent.
Emil (Japan, 1974) box with tampons & instructions. (Gift from Tambrands)

Early Japanese ads for menstrual belts, part 1 (part 2, 3)
Japan influences England influences Japan: artist Aubrey Beardsley

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The picture above I adapted from a design on a Japanese lacquer writing box dated to
about 1850-1900, at the Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art And Culture,
San Francisco, California.

The Origin of Menstrual Leave in Japan
Essay by Hiromi Mizuno
For Professor Sandra Lee Bartky

Hiromi Mizumo, a student from Japan, submitted this paper to the eminent feminist philosopher Professor Sandra Lee Bartky as part of the course requirement for Feminist Theory at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1993. The professor, who died October 18, 2016, wrote a paragraph of praise, "fascinating paper," and a big A on the bottom of page 19; Ms. Mizuno also got an A for the course. Some annotations I deleted to make the reading smoother. You might notice some departures from standard American English, understandable because Japanese was the student's native language. Ms. Mizuno mailed me her essay soon after reading of this museum's existence in the 1990s. My scans of the paper pages often slant one way or another, maybe reflecting the glass of red wine for, er, accompanying lunch.

(Also interesting: "In Japan, More Women Fight to Use Their Own Surnames," New York Times, 24 October 2016)

Below: The Origin of Menstrual Leave in Japan, pp. 1-2

Menstruation leave enacted 1947

condition conditions

SCAP: General Douglas MacArthur

Factory Law of 1919

Footnotes refer to publications listed on page 20.
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