See another Nefa ad that spotlights women's fashion.
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Nefa menstrual napkins (damesverband) ad,
the Netherlands, Feb. 20, 1954, magazine unknown

Why does the ad feature the dress? It could be that after the deprivations of the Second World War Dutch women wanted to see fashionable dresses even if they couldn't afford them, as the ad says. And maybe to change the subject from menstruation.

See another Nefa ad that spotlights women's fashion.

More Nefa ads: in Panorama magazine, 28 July 1938 - ad, 1967 (all gifts from a frequest and generous Dutch contributor)

I thank the generous Dutch contributor for this ad and many other items on this site!

Translation below the ad.
My translation:
In one word: magnificent!
Extraordinarily chic is this black dress, completely decorated with braids and ruffled bows. Decidely for very big occasions! And the flowered earrings are very modern.
Not every woman can afford such a creation. But she can indeed be perfectly groomed with the ideal menstrual pad with the new inventionthat keeps the napkin flat. . . .
Now worth double [?]

See another Nefa ad that spotlights women's fashion. Another Nefa ad: in Panorama magazine, 28 July 1938 (all gifts from a frequent and generous Dutch contributor)

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