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Model & actress Cybill Shepherd & Kotex menstrual pads

Cybill Shepherd - her name borrows from her father's name Bill (well, William) and her grandfather Cy - has had a long movie, television, modeling and romantic career (yikes, just Google her). Born in 1950, one source has described her as "high WASP" (white Anglo-Saxon Protestant; I'm not sure what "high" brings to it except maybe that's what the lady makes him feel).

It's often a question to what extent a model knew what ads she would appear in. That applies here, but Shepherd's advocacy of liberal causes makes it possible she posed enthusiastically for these Kotex ads.

I thank the anonymous donor of the images!

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Below: The periodicals from which the ads are taken are unknown but I suspect they appeared
in many, especially ones directed at women.
From 1970. See the pad she's representing (blue box at bottom).


Below, 1971
 Below: Ads for other companies, 1970
NEXT famous woman - Lee Miller - Susan Dey - Carol Lynley - Mary Lou Retton - Cathy Rigby - Cybill Shepherd - Cheryl Tiegs & Ali McGraw - Brenda Vaccaro

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