See the Fibs box and an ad for Fibs - 1935-59 ads for Fibs.
See more Kotex items: First ad for the pad (1921; scroll to bottom of page)
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Fibs menstrual tampon, Kotex, U.S.A.
Counter display, 1930s-1940s?

Look how store advertising over 50 years ago seems so modern! Tampons then were also modern - just born, actually. Tampax, Wix, Tux and many others appeared including perhaps the first Kotex tampons, Moderne Woman and its companions.

So in selling the first successful Kotex tampon, Fibs, writing "Invisible Modern Sanitary Protection" made more sense than "TAMPON TYPE" (rather than napkin type). "Tampon" wouldn't ring a bell for many women. But they would pay attention to INVISIBLE.

More tampon counter displays: 1930s: B-ettes. And a stand-up Tampax ad for French counters, 1938.

More sales hints for menstrual products: "All Eyes are on Tampax in 1964"; "TAMPAX The Champ in every way" (1963)"; Your Image is Your Fortune!," Modess sales-hints booklet for stores (1967); "Your 'Keys' to More Profits," Kotex brochure for retailers (1960s).

1935-59 ads for Fibs.

Below: This angled view shows one real box (detailed here) in the cardboard display bottom and built-in pictures of two boxes above it. See the picture below for details.
All images copyright 2008 Harry Finley
Below: Red arrows show how a customer would take a box from the display.
Below: Front of the display stand. It measures 5 1/4 x 8 3/4 x 1 1/4" (13.5 x 22.3 x 3 cm). There are no real boxes in the display as pictured, just the two back-wall images although three actual boxes shipped with the display in its container (next page).
Below: Back of the display. The easel that props up the stand on a counter remains unopened. Unfortunately the slip went missing before it arrived.

NEXT: The box this display came in - Another tampon counter display from the 1930s: B-ettes. Instructions in each box of Fibs tampons
- See the box and an ad for Fibs. 1935-59 ads for Fibs. See the roughly contemporary Cashay and Dale tampons, and very early Tampax and fax.

copyright 2008 Harry Finley