See some Kotex first-campaign ads: general discussion and ad prototype - January 1921 - May 1921 - November 1921
See the Kotex stick tampon.
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Kotex doesn't show! Three ads for Kotex menstrual pads,
1927, 1932, 1955 (U.S.A.)

Women, at least in America, have tried to conceal the fact that they menstruate and certainly haven't wanted anybody to see the pad they were wearing. Kotex played to that in many ads as did other companies. It's one of the reasons tampons are so popular. (Early manufacturers sometimes called tampons internal sanitary napkins, like here.

These three ads address women's fear of being outed that they're menstruating.

I truly believe that if women talked openly among themselves and in front of men about menstruation, and put pad and tampon boxes in visible places at their work place and at home most of the silly shame about periods would disappear. Men and women both think there's a huge issue involved. There isn't. The silence creates a false delicacy. What's there to be ashamed of?

Click on the ads to get close-ups of the pictures and text.

Above: January, 1927, the month the Gilbreth report appeared, an attempt to create a competitor for Kotex: Modess. See details.
Below: July, 1932: "Phantom Kotex" ran through another series of ads; see another example here. See details.
Above: April, 1955: "Not a shadow of a doubt" was a long ad Kotex campaign. See details.

See some Kotex first-campaign ads: general discussion and ad prototype - January 1921 - May 1921 - November 1921

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