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Ad for Ladysan Ultra con Alas Protectoras (menstrual pad "ultra" with wings), (Readers Digest, 1994, Chile) (similar or identical to Always ultra with wings)

The American company Procter & Gamble owns both Always pads and Ladysan (and Babysan, which like Ladysan sounds very Japanese. As a kid in Okinawa I bought a cartoon book by Bill Hume called Babysan about the American occupation of Japan and Babysan meant, um, the women Americans GIs hook-, er, took up with. As a 13-year-old I was mesmerized! ANYthing that explained women fascinated me! This museum, MUM, is a recent effort at explanation.)

I assume "san" comes from Spanish sanitario, sanitary.

In general, it seems that Latin American countries advertise menstrual products more conservatively than most of the world and Tampax even had problems selling tampons there. But some European Latin countries certainly found a wilder way (Italy and France).

I thank the student who just started university in Chile for her scans of this and two other ads!

Below: The lady - this is Ladysan, after all - stares in a way reminiscent of the way the director told Greta Garbo to stare at the end of one her movies. He told her (I believe) to think of nothing.
A translation not of her stare but of the text lies below the image.
Translation from Google (rough in places):
"Now I feel safe"
With the new Ultra with Wings Protective you would discover how it feels to be really safe. It is the only one with absorbent material on its wings, which protect the edges of your underwear to prevent accidents on the sides. Moreover, its wings and its unique anatomical shape allows a better fit, prevents it from moving and gives comfort.
Protective Ladys Ultra with Wings also has the exclusive soft-dry weave fabric which attracts moisture, absorbs faster than any other towel and retained inside, keeping the surface much drier.
To make you feel safer than ever
Protection cleaner and drier
Below: The packaging in the ad.
Below: Compare the bird logo with the roughly contemporary American Always logo from a 1989 box, also a bird. The typefaces also resemble one another. The close-but-not-identical characteristics possibly stem from copyright considerations.

Below: While I had the American 1989 box out I thought I'd show two things
from the back:
The amazing number of styles of pads (early pads had one size) and
the amazing reluctance to make the blue line - which represents menstrual blood flow -
brown or red. But they almost did, making the two horizontal bars red.
A German ad from about the same time did it right. Give them a hand!
Blue in menstrual advertising has been around for decades. Hm: blue (in America) also
means feeling bad.
The darker the blue line, the heavier the flow, the bluer you feel?
Seems like a public relations error to me.

End | Pads for travelers. See also Venus, U.S.A., 1930s-1940s, and ad for Gotham and Venus compressed sanitary napkins, U.S.A., 1917, 1916.

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