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Ad for Libresse Triple Protection menstrual pads
Netherlands, March 2016
With Madi McKay

in the instore magazine "Boodschappen" (grocery) of the supermarket chain Plus

Copycats! Almost like Buddy following Lunch Box everywhere. They sleep in each other's arms (legs?), share dinner, and beat each other up - just playing, of course. Buddy idolizes LB, the older man, er, fatcat.

And an effective ad is worth copying. Showing someone well known willing to do what you see below - well, grab her!

The prolific Dutch donor of printed material and this ad to the museum - Thank you again! - said he was struck by a similarity while looking at a magazine from the grocery store. Does the ad purposely imitate the one below it? Few would remember the series Cathy Rigby animated for Stayfree pads decades ago so the ad agency felt safe. But the axes of the legs are identical, or almost. Model Madi McKay appears elsewhere including at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY9mk2_yj6A

Below: Size unknown but probably about 8x11"
Below: my translation:
Care of Life [in English]

Triple Protection [in English]

Always protected
no matter how active
you are

Perfect fit
Anti-leak borders
Quick-absorbing center
Because you'll feel safe like Madi during your period no matter what you do.

[Far left] Madi McKay
trapeze artist
Meet Madi on
facebook.com/ libresseNL

fearless [of course]

Below: Olympic gymnast Cathy Rigby's legs form almost the same angle as McKay's,
close to 45 degrees. Both women's crotches are exposed to demonstrate that wearing the pad is safe.
The gymnast also performed acrobatic moves in a long career as Peter Pan on the stage.
The red lines show the women's legs forming very close to a 45 degree angle with the horizontal. Did the 2016 ad copy the one from 1982, below?

Above: In the 1930s-40s the American Lox Theatrical Tampon gave stage performers security - I hope. As in the other two ads, her legs are spread and exposed to the audience. A woman also danced in the New York Times for Modess tampons a decade or so after Lox.
Above: Part of the instructions for Lox.
When pads were bulkier, companies sold tampons partly to enable women to play sports comfortably - or at all - wear swim suits, or even leave the house.

More Libresse:
Dutch bus-stop ad in the town of Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, where the contributor lives, 2006 - telephone-booth ad in London, U.K. - ad praising the men who helped Mølnlycke reach second place in the Netherlands (1978)


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