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LOX theatrical menstrual tampons (1930s-1940s?, U.S.A.)

The manufacturer wanted LOX - no connection to bagels! - to suggest "locks," meaning that it wouldn't fall out during stage performances - or at least Lox would lock in the menstrual discharge. A menstruating woman who had to perform in front of an audience had big problems until recently (and sometimes still today). Two German writers pointed out that women in the theater profession, in Germany, anyway, were among the few women who used special menstrual protection, like pads, in the 19th and earlier centuries. Otherwise, most women bled into their chemise or other clothing, sometimes for days without changing. (Read a discussion of this.)

It seems amazing that a company would develop a tampon specifically for stage use (but that apparently was an early use for tampons; see the instructions for Tamponettes), but possibly it cost more. Someone - a clerk? - wrote ".50" on the box, maybe meaning 50 cents, which would be five cents a tampon, I believe expensive in the late 30s or early 40s, when I think this appeared. Tamponettes cost 2.4 cents apiece in 1939.

Procter & Gamble kindly donated the box of tampons in 2001, part of a huge gift of ancient menstrual products.



Each of the ten tampons come wrapped in cellophane.


The cardboard applicator is 5.25" (ca. 13.3 cm.) long, the tampon 2" (ca. 5.2 cm.) long. There is only one tube, as opposed to the triumphant two-tube Tampax, which appeared in the early 1930s (Tampax patent). See the instructions for how LOX works, its theory, and the sales pitch.

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