Another Nikini ad.
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Tampon oddities: Sa-tips (U.S.A.. 1930s-1940s?) Sanpax (the "x" is overprinted with a "D" on the box) (Israel? Switzerland? 1970) The instructions are completely in Hebrew except for one word, sanpax. Secret (U.S.A., 1930s-1940s)
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Nikini menstrual underpants & towel (pad) ads, 1972/73
United Kingdom

Women who did wear something to absorb or contain the menstrual flow used different strategies throughout history. A common one was to place material between her legs - but how to hold it there? This was a big problem when women wore no close-fitting underpants. The 20th century saw companies develop huge numbers of ways to hold pads and to absorb or contain the discharge in other ways (tampons, belts, cups, sponges). Underpants of various kinds were an early solution and women can wear special ones today, as you see below.

Adhesive pads almost obliterated the market for panties like the one here, but not quite.

This company, Robinsons of Chesterfield, also made what I call the origami tampon, truly a way to prevent brain aging while sitting on the toilet - or does it speed the aging up?

Another Nikini ad.

Thanks to the donor from the United Kingdom for the lower scan!

Below: See similar panties: Modess's "Sanitary Shield" and "Panty-kini" from the same years.
The donor writes that the ad came from a U.K. women's magazine around 1972/73.
Below: The contributor gave no date for this scan but it seems to fit the
same 1970s era.
The arm at left is apparently that of the "girl's" mother as suggested by
the hard-to-read text.

Another Nikini ad. More underpants & panties

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