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Sanitary Panty-Kini, menstrual underpants, by Modess, 1960s-1970s

Once upon a time women escaped wearing menstrual napkin belts (here) with pads by putting on specially made panties to hold the often thick pad in place. You see one method below on a plastic mannequin that used to hang in the physical Museum of Menstruation (see more here): two elastic bands in the crotch gripped the pad. The maker, Modess (Personal Products Company), also made menstrual pads, belts and booklets explaining menstruation to girls.

The box containing the panty calls it a "neat little nothing of a panty" but not so nothing that it doesn't do a job women have struggled with for millennia.

A doctor's wife in her 60s visiting the museum sat next to this mannequin for an hour and could not bring herself to more than glance at it. She told me that she had to wear such things when younger and felt mortified sitting there. She had brought her niece who was gleefully videotaping the museum for a college project.

The donor wants to remain anonymous.

The Modess pad in the panty, typical in its fatness, creates a bulge that women wanted to conceal, often by
wearing not pants but a dress. Horrors! if a male should discover she was menstruating.
Harry Finley took all the photos.



The crotch of the panty shows two bands holding a genuine Modess tabbed napkin. The long central depression results from a woman's (or plastic mannequin's) thighs squashing the pad, which increases rubbing and discomfort, something women have complained about at least since the 1920s and probably forever. (Read a medical report about this.) Modess did not indent the pad to accommodate this but today's larger pads often do.

See a booklet recommending the Panti-Kini. More menstrual and everyday underpants
Japanese, early 20th century - "Sanitary Bloomers," 1922 (ad from Sears, Roebuck catalog, U.S.A.)

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