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See also the booklets How shall I tell my daughter? (Modess, various dates), Growing up and liking it (Modess, various dates), and Marjorie May's Twelfth Birthday (Kotex, 1928).
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Call Your Congressman About the Proposed Tampon Safety and Research Act! Here's How and Why.

Pacific Menstrual Ritual Similar to McClintock's Method

You probably read recently about the discovery by Professor Martha McClintock and others of the cause of the tendency of women living or working closely together to menstruate together: human pheromones.

Kathleen O'Grady, of Trinity College, University of Cambridge, sent me this letter to the editor of Toronto's (Canada) Globe and Mail newspaper, dated last month:

In "Mind & Matter: Sniffing Out the Secrets of Pheromones" (March 21,1998), Judy Foreman wrote of the new research undertaken by Professor McClintock on the influence of "odourless underarm secretions" (pheromones) on female menstrual synchrony (large groups of women menstruating at the same time). Readers might be interested to note that the central feature of a Melanesian menarche (first menstruation) ritual (Naranduawa Rites of the Ndu of the Sepik Basin)* includes the initiate licking the armpit secretions from the hands of a female elder. It is always interesting to see such tangible connections between contemporary scientific studies and ancient human knowledge and behaviour.

*See "In the Shadow of the Tambaran: Female Initiation Among the Ndu of the Sepik Basin" by Paul B. Roscoe in Nancy C. Lutkehaus and Paul B. Roscoe in Gender Rituals: Female Initiation in Melanesia (NY: Routledge, 1995).

Ms. O'Grady, a doctoral candidate completing her Ph.D. at Cambridge, is the co-author of Sweet Secrets: Stories of Menstruation (Toronto: Second Story Press, 1997), and contributed, with her co-author, Paula Wansbrough, 99 percent of the bibliography of menstruation on this Web site.

Many thanks!

See also two letters below about dogs and large cats and menstrual odor.

Here are more items about the science and medicine of menstruation, and other items about women's health.

Genius Cracks fax

A woman listening to the Howard Stern interview looked at this Web site and may have figured out why a 1930s tampon is called fax - which is always written in italic and lowercase.

The code breaker, who wants to remain anonymous, looked at an ad sent to me by a woman in Chicago a couple of years ago, and noticed that - well, here's her letter:

Heard you on the Howard Stern Show as I was driving to work on I-495 in Massachusetts. I'm lucky I didn't have an accident.

But I was intrigued, so I checked out your Web site - weird but fascinating, particularly all the old advertising and packaging from early products!!

You asked about the origin of the name "fax " - needless to say it's not related to the FAX as we know it now!! My first thought was that it might have some Latin origin since my high school Latin teacher told us that everything went back to the Latin language. But no, I don't think so.

Then in looking at the front of the "politically incorrect" box with the bathing beauty pose, I noticed that the box bears the words "Freedom, Comfort, Convenience."

I believe that fax is an acronym for that phrase. Take the first letter of each word. Now to fool the public you throw in a vowel and with the 2 Cs make it sound plural - FaCCs - disguise the spelling (since no well-bred person would talk about such things back then) and you have fax.


It's the best explanation I've ever heard!

By the way, when naming drugs, pharmaceutical firms have determined that certain letters and sounds appeal more to buyers. One of those sounds/letters is "x." Even in the early part of this century non-pharmaceutical companies named things Kleenex, Kotex, Wix - and fax.

Anonymous wins the official MUM t-shirt, which, she says, she "will wear in the privacy of my home with pride!!"

Media Make a Busy Week for Your MUM

Not only did Howard Stern interview the museum director - me - this past week (see some e-mail responses, below, on this page), but Gerry Ryan posed many interesting questions to me for a half hour on his show on 2FM of the National Radio of Ireland. And Kevin Kline, morning show host on KFMZ in Columbia, Missouri, U.S.A., home of the University of Missouri, questioned me, also for a half hour.

The producer for the Irish show called afterwards and said that several people phoned in with positive comments - there were no negative ones - something that surprised them in that very conservative country. (See the last of the Letters below for an e-mail from from an Irish listener to the show.) She said on-air menstrual hygiene advertising had just been permitted there. By the way, television advertising started in the U.S.A. around 1975 with the infamous Rely tampon, to which Playtex responded with its own campaign.

The Washington Times newspaper, in reviewing the book Offbeat Museums a week ago, quoted the author - a male - as saying Washington's hometown entry, none other than this museum, was the "weirdest" museum in the book. Thanks, buddy.

And yesterday Ken Smith and Doug Kirby from the Web site Roadside America visited MUM, taking notes and pictures for a possible review of this museum on that site.

See some of the other media that have discussed this museum.

I Must Tell You Two Nonmenstrual Jokes

A woman in my office - as a matter of fact, the same one who explained "right smart" to me - recently attended a show put on by her three-year-old daughter's preschool. A teacher told her two jokes:

What did the snail say after he climbed onto the turtle's back?


The Space Shuttle crash landed into the playground of a preschool. An astronaut got out and shouted, "I'm free! I'm free!"

A little boy watching said, "Big deal! I'm four!"

Winchester the Beagle Confuses the Odor Issue

Just when I thought the question of animals being attracted to menstrual odor had been settled - I thought the answer was basically "no," contrary to my intuition - another listener to Howard Stern e-mailed me with this:

I have a beagle [dog] (AKC registered) named Winchester who has the uncanny ability to enter a room of up to 30 people (in an actual trial) and will immediately identify a menstruating woman (by aggressively sniffing her).

No matter what kind of freshening douches or odor disguise products the woman may use my dog has not been fooled yet. Usually he will locate the first woman and not proceed any further in the room. The dog will not respond to normal human non-menstrual blood. Walking on a leash in public is phenomenally revealing.

I have contacted two prominent tampon manufacturers about renting the services of my dog to assist them in developing freshening or odor-disguising compounds to market. Their responses have been directed to me as a "crackpot." Kimberly-Clark maintains that most dogs will respond like Winchester! This is totally untrue. Some dogs will sniff everybody's crotch randomly!

Winchester has a perfect track record and a genetic, definitely untrained, sense of smell of this specific odor.

Have you ever heard of anything like this? [No.]

No doubt about the smelling ability of a beagle - but this selectively heightened odor perception is uncanny. Maybe it's related to professionally trained drug and bomb sniffing animals?

Best wishes for your museum.

The writer later added:

It would be interesting to know if there were other breeds of dogs with Winchester's very selective talent. As I mentioned to you earlier, Mr. Finley, two tampon manufacturers maintain that the menstrual pheromone, among other odors, is instinctively (no pun intended) attractive to most mammals as well as most raptors (eagles, hawks, owls, etc) who may also respond in some "non-descript" fashion.

And Not Only a Beagle . . .

I received this e-mail last week:

Thought you'd like to know in the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) safety book they warn all their actresses that working around big cats while menstruating is hazardous. The big cats become very aggressive and can attack. Actresses are to stay off the set.

I've asked the writer to send me a photocopy of that part of the book. Anyone have comments?

Letters to Your MUM

I received a torrent of e-mail and some phone calls after the interview with Howard Stern. Probably 98 percent of the mail was favorable. This week I was on leave from work to relax and take Asst. Prof. Pam T. Padd (at the bottom of this page) to the veterinarian, but spent much of the time happily answering e-mail.

Next week I will print letters about menstrual cups; here are a few of the other ones:

I imagine that my e-mail will be one of many that you will receive as a result of your interview with Howard and crew. I am a faithful listener of his show, college educated, female, an advocate for women's rights (to a point), and I could go on and on but who cares.

I commend you on your passion, dedication, sense of humor and perseverance with your museum. May it continue to grow, serve as an enlightened fixture for the public and make you a wealthy and successful entrepreneur.

[from the Washington, D.C., area]

You handled it great. I'm a gay fan and thought you took every call, weirdo or not, with a very professional attitude . . . OUTSTANDING!!!!!

[from the webtv domain]

My brother heard about your Web site on Howard Stern and e-mailed the URL to me. I was delighted to discover the site and learn about your work. Congratulations on a fine job. I am the author of "Everything You Must Know About Tampons" (Berkley, New York City, 1981; now out of print) and am quite familiar with the obstacles to a frank and intelligent discussion of menstruation.

Nancy Friedman

You are one sick, twisted and disturbed soul . . . nothing else could describe you better. I laugh at you and thank God I wasn't born like you. Get a life, creep.

[from Berkeley College - here are more critical comments about this museum and me]

I think that this is one of the most interesting Web sites I have had the pleasure of visiting! I heard you on the Howard Stern Show this morning and I must say that I never thought a museum such as this existed. I've learned a lot about menstruation and women's health from your Web site.

Keep up the good work, it's GREAT!

[from California State University at Los Angeles]

I heard you on Howard Stern this morning and enjoyed you thoroughly. I commend you for the museum and more so for the seriousness with which you answered all the questions from Mr. Stern.

[from the aol domain]

I was just listening to your interview with Howard Stern. You handled yourself very well with him. He lambastes just about anyone with a peculiar interest, but you had him very much in check. I was amazed!

Had to come and check out your Web site. It is very well done and quite interesting. I am a 32-year-old woman and have not ever really looked into such history, but nevertheless find it fascinating.

Thank you for taking the time to research such a "personal" subject and make your knowledge available to others. Hopefully your contribution will help that first awkward "pad buying" experience a little easier for a young girl. I will never forget how my mother failed me and sent me with my father to buy my first box of pads. And then she told one of her friends that I had "started my period" and I got a congratulatory phone call from her. This is really a rough time in a young girl's life!!

It is nice to see a man interested in such a topic. My beau runs out of the bathroom if I even reach for a tampon!

Just had to add my two cents. Thanks again

[from the aol domain]

I have to confess that I listen to Howard Stern on the way to work in the mornings, perhaps as an escape. I find I have a lot of admiration for those he interviews who manage to "hold their own" in spite of his outrageous questions and comments.

As a feminist (gasp!) and scholar of women's cultural history, I would like to commend you on the excellent interview you gave. I am also browsing your Web site and have passed it on to a number of friends. Thanks!

Good luck in your endeavors!

[a Ph.D. from the aol domain]

You are a wild man - I gotta party with you, dude!

[from the aeltus domain]

I heard about your museum for the first time on the Howard Stern Show this morning. I think I have now heard it all.

I appreciated the fact that you were unrattled by Howard's persistent crude and off-color questions. When I am in Washington I will take my wife to your museum, never mentioning the purpose of my trip. She will no doubt interpret it in much the same vain as visiting the world's largest ball of twine or mud ball as in the movie Vacation.

Thanks for the levity your appearance brought this morning on Howard's show. As it is said, the people who don't like Howard listen to him longer than the ones who do. I fall into that category, but can only take him in VERY small doses. He gives New Yorkers a bad name.

[from the aol domain]

I am a long-time Howard Stern fan and loved hearing about your museum this morning! Keep up the good work and someday I hope I can come visit this masterpiece of cleanliness!!!


[from the aol domain. The writer added the asterisk.]

I heard you on the Stern Show this morning. You were great! Stern asks some pointed and sometimes lowdown tongue-in-cheek questions but you handled yourself perfectly.

My own feelings on your situation is that you have done so much research and spent so much time on this endeavor I think you should write this information, or history, down and receive compensation for it [the MUM director added the red, with hope in his heart]. It's obvious you're an expert on the subject.

Well, you have a few of my thoughts on the subject. Thanks for your time.

[from the pacbell domain]

I heard you on Howard Stern this morning. Before you came on the air, I thought, this guy must be completely nuts. But after listening to you, I can respect that you certainly know your stuff. Go for it.

[from the erols domain]

Heard you on Howard. You are definitely one of the ten weirdest guests.

Good luck and keep plugging.

[from the aol domain]

I heard you on The Howard Stern Show. You seem to be a normal sort of guy, but this subject is perverse. You said that you probably would not have started this 'museum' if your parents were alive. That should tell you something.

[from the klinedavis domain]

Great job on the Howard Stern Show. It was a great topic. Had me laughing all the way to work.

[from the dnai domain]

Heard you on the Howard Stern Show this morning and thought it was a joke!!! But now I have found your Web site and think it is a wonderful idea! Stern was soooo hysterical I could not stop laughing. Now I have bookmarked your Web page and will look at it often.

Thanks for the information and keep those updates coming.

[from the snet domain]

Heard you speak with Howard Stern today. You were great (Howard was not).

Visited your site. Interesting.

Way to go!

I heard you on the Howard Stern Show this morning (5/4) and loved your matter-of-fact answers to his sometimes very "cutting" questions. I'm glad someone like you is doing something like this. Why hasn't it been done before? Maybe we women are ashamed (heaven forbid!) of menstruation.

One of my professors this quarter has a cultural anthropology background. She is now interested in visiting your Web site, too.

Keep up the good work!

An admirer in Ohio

You have to be kidding.

[from the intercall domain]

I heard you on the Howard Stern Show here in Toronto, Canada, today, May 4, 1998.

I thought Howard was making a little too much fun of your open mindedness, but then again that's how he makes the ratings. But, on the flip side, you got advertising.

When I got home from work I decided to check your Web site out to see for myself, something I honestly must say as a male, I know very little about.

I can say now I am a little wiser and more appreciative of the things women go through. I found your site in very good taste and well presented in a way I could understand.

Heard you on Howard this morning and think you have a great thing here. You can always count on me for an occasional hit.

[from the berkshire domain]

I listen to Howard Stern for about six hours per week. I am a stock broker. He is very entertaining and is respectful if you can stand up to him. Lots of professionals listen. After reading your Web site, I now know more on period protection than my wife.

Your museum is weird but interesting. You seem interesting.

You handled Howard well and the people (listeners) will visit your site and museum. You just got yourself 400 times the publicity you have ever gotten!!!!

Good luck, Mr. Finley!

And from a listener to the Gerry Ryan Show in Ireland:

Dear Sir,

I was listening to the Gerry Ryan Show yesterday and I heard about your site and to say the least it is a bit strange that a man should take such interest in a matter that usually mystifies most men!

So all I wanted to say really is good luck with the rest of the research.

Bye for now.

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See also the booklets How shall I tell my daughter? (Modess, various dates), Growing up and liking it (Modess, various dates),
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