Midol menstrual pain relief tins (containers), old ads, old booklet
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Small boxes of old American patent medicine for women's diseases,
headache, stomach illness, menstruation, and birth control

Murray & Nickell Blue Cohosh Root | Murray & Nickell Cotton Root Bark | Allaire Woodward & Co. Oak Bark-White | Wampole's Vaginal Cones with Picric Acid | Humphreys "31" | Orange Blossom Suppositories |
Dr. Pierce's Vaginal Tablets | Micajah's Medicated Wafers | Santrex Formula 52T | Sedets |
Midol menstrual pain relief tins (containers), old ads, old booklet
SarahAnne Hazlewood generously donated the medicine to this museum (except the Midol material), p
art of her huge gift of medical instruments,
books and advertising material about women's health.
Harry Finley created the images.


Acetphenetidin lowers temperature and relieves pain. Ephedrine is a decongestant.


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