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"Just Between Us . . ." (Beltx puberty & menstruation booklet,
U.S.A., 1950)
Complete booklet

For a discussion of wild-eyed Betty see the 1961 edition.

Betty Kay, the lady looking at you, above, seems to be part of the most fun-loving booklets in American menstrual hygiene. (But the British have made talking penis-like tampons, a woman clothed in a giant pad, etc.) She speaks in rhymes under picture captions. Her wacky eyes transfix you like those spiral disks you can spin. Advanced PMS? Beltx doesn't let on.

Which raises the question: How in the heck do you pronounce Beltx?? I would've thought maybe Beltz would have been more appropriate and pronounceable. This violates Dr. Lillian Gilbreth's pronunciation law.

See portions of the 1961 edition.

I thank the kind donor of the booklet!

Below: The famous plain brown wrapper for mailing the booklet covers the outside, just as plain brown wrappers are meant to do: conceal naughty material. Each page measures 5.125 x 7.25" (13 x 18.3 cm).
That looks like two (menstrual?) blood stains on the upper left side.

NEXT | outside of wrapper - inside wrapper & cover - inside front cover & p.1 - pages 2-3 - pages 4-5 - pages 6-7 - pages 8-9 - pages 10-11 - pages 12 & inside back cover - back cover and inside wrapper back cover - Many actual belts - Menstrual pad suspenders! See how women wore a belt (and in a Swedish ad).
See a modern belt for a washable pad and a page from the 1946-47 Sears catalog showing a great variety.
Menstrual panties. Similar booklets made by menstrual products companies.
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