More Japanese tampons:
Anshin (1977) Tampons, box, directions. ORIGAMI applicator. (Tambrands gift, 1997) It's the same as Ortex Gold and Cameo tampons.
Shampon Young stick tampon (Japan, 1977)
Instructions for making JAPANESE WASHABLE MENSTRUAL PADS (early 20th century?), successors of the uma (pony or horse)
See ads for JAPANESE COMMERCIAL MENSTRUAL BELTS from the early 20th century with a discussion of how Japan influenced European art and vice versa.
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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Cellopon menstrual tampon
(1968, Eisai, Japan)


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More Japanese tampons: Anshin (1977), Shampon Young (1977) & Elldy (with finger cots, 1990s). Japanese MENSTRUAL BELTS ads, how to make JAPANESE WASHABLE MENSTRUAL PADS (both early 20th century)

The former Tambrands, which made Tampax tampons, kindly donated the box and contents as part of a fabulous gift of hundreds of menstrual products.

Below: One side of the of the four-panel instructions (ENLARGED here). Each panel measures
2 1/8 x 3 5/8" (5.4 x 9.1 cm).
Below: See this side ENLARGED.
Below: The band of small illustrations, which repeat themselves. The women look vaguely Western but it's hard to say for sure. Western art has appeared on Japanese products since at least the early 20th century (EXAMPLE here for a Japanese menstrual belt).
But Japanese art has hugely influenced European art since the middle of the 19th century. See an example from Vincent van Gogh.

NEXT: Box - instructions (enlarged here & here, van Gogh comparison) - tampon package - tampon itself
ALL tampons on this site. More Japanese tampons: Anshin (1977), Shampon Young (1977). Japanese MENSTRUAL BELTS ads, how to make JAPANESE WASHABLE MENSTRUAL PADS (both early 20th century)

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