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And see the applicator Pursettes tampon with lubricated applicator and tampon.
See early tampoms Wix and B-ettes and a bunch of other earlier ones.
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Dale trial-size box lubricated menstrual tampons (1930s-1940s?, U.S.A.)
Introduction, box, and a newspaper ad from 1944 (see the regular Dale)

As I said on the main Dale page, Dale typifies American tampons from the 1930s and 1940s in the lack of an applicator, one version of which Tampax patented in the 1930s, although at least one other applicator tampon existed from the era (Lox theatrical tampons).

Addressing point by point many of the objections women had to pads and tampons - read a doctor's list of complaints in Consumer Reports from 1945 - the instructions could indicate a 1940s date for the box, as problems would have had time to be publicly addressed by that time.

From the 1950s to the 1970s women could buy another tampon with a lubricated tip in the U.S.A., Pursettes. That company also made one with a lubricated applicator as well as a tip.

See the tampon and instructions.

Tampon directory

The Procter & Gamble company kindly donated these tampons to the museum, part of a large gift.

Below: The cardboard box measures 3 x 2 5/16 x 3/4" (7.6 x 5.8 x 1.9 cm). It looks as if tape had once adhered to the box.
Below: Wouldn't it be neat if were intended for the Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial?
Below: A previous owner (Procter & Gamble?) wrote on a long side of the box.
Below: The other side.
Below: The same hand wrote on the end flap!

Below: Open the end flaps and instead of tampons you see the side of a cardboard box - the drawer.
Below: Pull the drawer out to reveal a single fluffed-up tampon and no instructions
(See the regular size box instructions).
Grave robbers à la King Tut struck years ago - at Procter & Gamble?
The fluffing up might mean that someone examined it - and maybe
that person performed the suggested water test with at least one of the missing three 'pons.
A drawer also held the tampons in the regular Dale just as it did with
Wix tampons.
Just occurred to me: could the unnecessary drawer mean this box dated before
saved raw materials in World War II?
Below: The tampon string emerged wrapped around what looks like the cellophane wrapper.
The string stretches about 6 1/4" (about 16 cm) from its end to the edge of the tampon.
The yellow tip is much smaller than the lubrication on the tip of the
regular box tampons.
Below: The yellow lubricated tip of the tampon.




From the 1950s to the 1970s women could buy another
lubricated tampon in the U.S.A.,
Pursettes. See early tampons Wix and B-ettes and a bunch of other earlier ones.
Tampon directory

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